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UMM Student Teaching

UMM seems to have a long relationship with the schools in El Paso, which they send college folks to student teach there for a semester every year.

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    Eastwood H.S., where Corina L. (UMM 1997) teaches at

    Current Events: Hurricane 2008

    -Hurricane Ike

  • Weather service warns of 'certain death' in face of Ike, Thursday, September 11th of 2008

  • " (CNN) -- Residents living in single-family homes in some parts of coastal Texas face "certain death" if they do not heed orders to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Ike's arrival, the National Weather Service said Thursday night. Texans sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic Thursday on a highway from Galveston County into Houston.
    Texans sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic Thursday on a highway from Galveston County into Houston.
    The unusually strong wording came in a weather advisory regarding storm surge along the shoreline of Galveston Bay, which could see maximum water levels of 15 to 22 feet, the agency said.
    "All neighborhoods ... and possibly entire coastal communities ... will be inundated during the period of peak storm tide," the advisory said. "Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single-family one- or two-story homes will face certain death."
    The maximum water level forecasts in nearby areas, including the shoreline of Matagorda Bay and the Gulf-facing coastline from Sargent to High Island, ranged from 5 to 8 feet. But authorities warned that tide levels could begin rising Friday morning along the upper Texas coast and along the shorelines of the bays.
    The advisory summoned memories of the language used to describe 2005's Hurricane Katrina, which devastated parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast.
    "Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks ... if not longer," an advisory issued at the time said. "The vast majority of native trees will be snapped or uprooted. Only the heartiest will remain standing."
    The Ike advisory follows comes on the heels of similarly urgent messages earlier Thursday from federal authorities, who warned of a "massive storm" that could affect roughly 40 percent of the U.S. Gulf Coast.
    "Do not take this storm lightly," Michael Chertoff, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, said Thursday afternoon. "This is not a storm to gamble with. It is large; it is powerful; it carries a lot of water." Don't Miss

    Chertoff and representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency said their efforts were focused on evacuations as Ike moved northwest at 12 mph across the central Gulf of Mexico with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph. Track the storm »
    Chertoff also urged people not to succumb to "hurricane fatigue," referring to concerns that authorities were overestimating Ike's potential impact.
    "Unless you're fatigued with living, I suggest you want to take seriously a storm of this size and scale," he said Thursday.
    At 5 p.m. Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said a hurricane warning was in effect between Morgan City, Louisiana, and Baffin Bay, Texas. A warning means hurricane conditions are likely within 24 hours.
    Ike's forecast track was through Galveston and the Houston metro area as a Category 2 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. Currently a Category 2 storm about 700 miles across, Ike could make landfall near Galveston Island as early as Saturday morning. Video Watch CNN meteorologists track Hurricane Ike »
    At 8 p.m. ET, the center of Hurricane Ike was about 475 miles east-southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas, and about 370 miles east-southeast of Galveston, Texas.
    The center said hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 115 miles from Ike's center, and tropical storm-force winds extend outward up to 275 miles. Video Watch: National Hurricane center predicts Ike's path »
    Roughly 3.5 million people live in the hurricane's potential impact zone, FEMA Administrator David Paulison said Thursday.
    In Galveston, Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas told the island's 60,000 people that they should leave. By 7:30 ET, the city had finished evacuating to Austin thousands of residents who needed assistance leaving because of age, disability or lack of reliable transportation.
    Mandatory evacuations remained in effect for low-lying coastal areas northeast and southwest of Galveston, in Chambers, Matagorda and Brazoria counties.
    Some Brazoria County residents said they didn't want to leave but realized it was in their best interest to do so.
    "You don't have a choice when you have kids," Deborah Davis of Freeport told CNN affiliate KPRC-TV in Houston.
    Farther inland, about 100,000 residents in low-lying areas surrounding Houston began evacuating Thursday afternoon as Ike headed for the Texas coast, officials said. Video Watch Gov. Rick Perry warn residents of Ike's potential »
    But the remaining 4 million residents were told they could stay home, even as government offices and schools prepared to close Friday in Houston in anticipation of the hurricane.
    "We are only evacuating areas subject to a storm surge," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, the county's chief executive officer. "Yes, we know you will lose electricity. But you're not in danger of losing your life, so stay put." advertisement
    Ships in port were told to leave, said Port of Houston spokeswoman Linda Whitlock. The area's two major airports, George Bush Intercontinental and William P. Hobby, also halted all commercial flights.
    More than 1,300 inmates from the Texas Correctional Institutions Division's Stevenson Unit in Cuero were being evacuated to facilities in Beeville and Kenedy, Perry's office said, and 597 were transferred from the substance abuse Glossbrenner Unit in San Diego, in south Texas, to Dilley"

    Hurricane Ike Grows As It Closes in on Texas

    " From: AssociatedPress Added: September 12, 2008
    Hurricane Ike, a colossal storm nearly as big as Texas itself, began battering the coast Friday. (Sept. 12)

    Ike threatens to devastate Texas coastal towns
    By JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press Writer Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press Writer – 29 mins ago (Friday, September 12th of 2008)
    "..In Surfside Beach, a small coastal town of about 805, water was already knee-deep in the streets and skies were growing increasingly dark. Police were going around in a dump truck trying to get holdouts to evacuate while there was still time. The police chief asked one stubborn couple to write their names and Social Security numbers on their forearms in black magic marker "in case something bad were to happen." They soon changed their minds, and police were wading an aluminum boat through floodwaters to rescue them.
    About 60 miles inland in Houston, officials said residents should not flock to the roadways en masse, creating the same kind of gridlock that cost lives — and a little political capital — when Hurricane Rita threatened Houston in 2005. Some evacuation orders were in effect for low-lying sections of the Houston area, but for the most part, people stayed. Large hospitals in the city moved some patients away from windows, but they did not send them away.
    Three days before landfall, Rita bloomed into a Category 5 and tracked toward the city. City and Harris County officials told Houstonians to hit the road, even while the population of Galveston Island was still clogging the freeways. The evacuation itself wound up far more dangerous than the storm: 110 people died during the effort, while the eventual Category 4 storm killed nine. Houston ultimately was spared a direct hit as the storm took a last-minute turn to the northeast and landed on the Texas-Louisiana line....

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    Hurricane Ike Storm Chaser Video Blog #4, from From: SevereStudios Added: September 12, 2008
    "SevereStudios Associate Veteran Chasers David Drummond and Steve Miller of Texas are in Galveston. This video blog shows the incredible storm surge from Hurricane Ike.
    To watch future video blogs, please subscribe to the SevereStudios channel. You can also view video blogs from Hurricane Gustav by visiting our channel.
    You can view David and Steve's live streaming ChaseCam at
    All past chase video, including tornadoes, lightning, hail, straight line winds, blizzards, and hurricanes can be viewed at"

  • Ike wears itself out beating up on Texas , from CNN (Sunday, September 14th @1:20am)

  • * Story Highlights * NEW: 940 people rescued in Texas on Saturday, governor's office says * Wreckage impedes rescue efforts, adding to uncertainty about survivors * Four deaths in Texas attributed to Ike, now a tropical storm with 45 mph winds * 2.6 million affected by power outages, U.S. Energy Department says * Next Article in U.S. »
    ".."We are in a recovery mode," Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas said in a press conference Saturday afternoon. "This eye came right over us, stayed a while and went on, but it brought a lot of damage to our city."...
    Many people, like D.J. Knight of Pearlman, Texas, decided to ride out the storm at home, despite voluntary and mandatory orders issued across the region. "The windows looked like they would explode," said Knight, a mother of two. "It just wouldn't stop." Now, without electricity and surrounded by flooded roads and wreckage, Knight wonders whether it was worth enduring a sleepless night as the storm shook her home, about halfway between Galveston and Houston. "I didn't think it would be as bad as it was," she said. "It was horrible."...

    Almost 2,000 rescued in Galveston area after Ike, cnn (Sunday, Sept 14th of 2008)
    "GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) -- Nearly 2,000 people who did not evacuate for Hurricane Ike have been rescued in the Galveston area, a state official said Sunday...
    A child died Saturday at a Houston hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a generator running inside the family's home, according to Lindsey Klingensmith, a spokeswoman for Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center.
    The hospital has received 33 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning since Saturday afternoon as a result of people using diesel and gas generators in their homes without proper ventilation...
    Some Texas residents said Ike taught them a lesson and they won't be so bold next time a major hurricane barrels toward them...

    Hurricane Ike Houston Texas the Aftermath

    "Raw footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Its not over yet. For hurricane kits and survival supplies please visit us at "
    Death toll rises in storm-hit Texas amid health hazard By Tabassum Zakaria and Carey Gillam Tabassum Zakaria And Carey Gillam – 2 hrs 1 min ago (Tuesday, September 16th of 2008
    "GALVESTON, Texas (Reuters) – The death toll in the wake of Hurricane Ike rose to 30 in Texas on Tuesday as officials in Galveston warned of a growing health threat on the island city that took a direct hit from the huge storm...
    In Galveston, officials warned of a health hazard due to a lack of clean water and sanitation, urging the estimated 15,000 remaining to leave.
    "We have a blossoming health and medical concern," said Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas. "We are not going to go in somebody's house and drag them off the island. But they need to consider the risks they are taking by staying here."
    Some residents seemed determined to stick it out.
    "I have no car. I can't get off the island," said Chris Rockaway, 23, cleaning up debris. "I made it through the worst part. I can suffer through this."
    Toilets in Galveston had not flushed for four days and a medical officer warned of emerging cases of diarrhea. .."
    Hurricane Ike needs still abound, says CRWRC Posted: 28 August, 2009
    "USA (MNN/CRWRC) ― While Hurricane Bill sent sea waves crashing over the Northeastern coastline last weekend, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee disaster response director Bill Adams had his mind on a different storm track -- the Gulf Coast.
    In the coming weeks, hundreds of volunteers will begin the Fall rotation into Galveston, Texas, to continue reconstruction there after Hurricane Ike hit in 2008.
    "A year ago, we estimated that CRWRC would need $1 million to respond to damage caused by Ike in Southeast Louisiana and along the Texas coast," Adams said. "My visit to the Galveston area last week confirms that long-term reconstruction needs in Texas are still huge."
    Adams said that the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee ( will continue to look for ways to fund reconstruction in Texas despite the downturned economy.
    Since September 13, 2008, CRWRC has raised about $250,000 for hurricane response, including Ike. Adams says that many faith groups are pulling out of Texas due to lack of resources, which were already stretched as they have continued to respond to Katrina, Rita, and Ike since mid-2005.
    CRWRC's Hurricane Katrina response, which is nearing the four-year mark, has involved 1,750 volunteers and $5.4 million in donated funding for direct family and community recovery. While CRWRC expects to continue its efforts in New Orleans through 2011, the needs in Southeast Texas remain.
    The funding deficit will leave the most indigent of Ike's survivors in Texas without any help. CRWRC-DRS focuses on the neediest of disaster survivors--those without insurance or who are low-income, elderly, handicapped, or otherwise unable to access government or private assistance. Adams says that while the number and magnitude of natural disasters in the U.S. in the last four years has been unusual, CRWRC-DRS has 2,000 trained volunteers who will continue to provide emergency services to disaster survivors in Texas and across North America.
    "We will be faithful to the survivors of Hurricane Ike and to those on the Coast who also survived Hurricane Rita in 2005," Adams says. CRWRC partners with the Southeast Texas Interfaith Organization (SETIO), Hope Christian Reformed Church in Houston, and other denominations such as Lutheran Disaster Response and the United Methodist Church (UMCOR).
    "It's not only what we do," Adams says, "it's part of who we are." And it's "who they are" spiritually that helps open doors to share their faith.
    CRWRC is requesting financial donations to continue to fund up to $1 million for Hurricane response. Gifts designated "Hurricanes 2008" can be given online at or phoned in to 1-800-55-CRWRC. Designated checks can be mailed to CRWRC, 2850 Kalamazoo Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49560-0600. "

    Woman In MN Fears For Family Near Tropical Storm, Sep 13, 2008 6:57 pm US/Central (WCCO)
    " Reporting Maya Nishikawa (WCCO) Hurricane Ike might have been downgraded to a tropical storm, but folks down south are still feeling Mother Nature's wrath.
    Sara Davenport has been anxious watching the storm damage in Texas, knowing her family is living through it. She's amazed at the video coming from downtown Houston.
    "Houston has a ton of high rises. I think the biggest shock is when you see this and there are so many windows that are blown out. Nobody thought that this was going to happen in Houston downtown," said Davenport.
    She's attending a conference in Minneapolis and has only received a few text messages from her husband.
    "He said the electricity had just gone out. He, my three kids, my two dogs spent the night in a closet," said Davenport.
    Davenport lives in a suburb near Houston and outside the mandatory evacuation area. They thought they'd be far enough away from the coast to avoid major damage and so did many others in Houston.
    "It was played up, but it was... people thought they'd be OK. Category two. They've seen category four," explained Davenport.
    Even an hour inland, Davenport's mother in-law had some scary moments.
    "She had branches come through huge windows, shattering glass all throughout her downstairs. That's an hour inland. people thought they were safe that far in, but this storm is as big as Texas," said Davenport.
    Davenport was a television reporter and anchor and covered Hurricane Rita. She thinks that evacuation nightmare, kept people home.
    "People got stuck in traffic for 12 hours, 18 hours. People died with their older relatives in the car. It was a crazy, crazy scenario," said Davenport.
    Though the main storm event is over for Houston, she knows from experience, the next few weeks could be even worse.
    "The hardest thing is the fact that there is no electricity. It's 95 degrees. You can't get out of town because there are limbs everywhere and trees everywhere. What do they do?" said Davenport.
    Davenport's family is OK, but her home may have some roof damage.
    She said another big concern after the storm is how much floodwaters will rise. "

  • Texans look to the heavens as they rebuild, heal from Ike, updated 2:37 p.m. EDT, Sun September 21, 2008 (

  • " ANAHUAC, Texas (AP) -- Wearing jeans and rubber boots, clutching Bibles and weeping between hymns, residents of the storm-shattered Texas coast comforted one another Sunday at makeshift church services that provided more than a respite from Hurricane Ike cleanup. Bobby and Pamela Quiroga wait for Mass to start Sunday at a hotel in Galveston, Texas.
    Bobby and Pamela Quiroga wait for Mass to start Sunday at a hotel in Galveston, Texas.
    About 50 people came together on a basketball court outside the Oak Island Baptist Church on the tip of Trinity Bay. They sat on folding chairs or simply stood, forced outdoors by the 1-inch layer of mud left inside the one-story red brick building by floodwaters that tossed pews like matchsticks.
    Behind the church, a demolished mobile home was still lodged among trees, many of them snapped by the storm's 110-mph winds that somehow left the church's trio of 20-foot white crosses still standing. Across the street, piles of debris had sprouted, signs of the labor undertaken since the storm blew through last weekend and of the work yet to come.
    "I know it's hard. Looking around, it's tough," the Rev. Eddie Shauberger told the congregants. "But there is a God, and he has a plan for our lives."
    Similar services were being held on Galveston Island and throughout the Houston area, where power had been restored to enough residents that schools planned to hold classes this week for the first time since the storm.
    Observances in the hardest-hit spots weren't overflowing with residents, however. Most of Galveston won't reopen until Wednesday, and it could be weeks or more before basic services are restored in all areas.
    The island is far from deserted, though. At least 15,000 people ignored mandatory evacuation orders before and after the storm, and many of them were still there Sunday.
    Authorities cautioned that evacuees could find drastically different conditions, depending on how their property fared.
    "We have people whose homes are totally and completely destroyed, all the way to the other end of the spectrum, to where your home is perfectly fine," City Manager Steve LeBlanc said.
    Fuel and other essentials remained scarce. Some businesses were beginning to reopen, cell service was improving and electricity was coming back on.
    But the strides are small, and island leaders emphasized that Galveston remained dangerous. Police will indefinitely enforce a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew once the island reopens, and parents were warned their children could be exposed to infections from storm debris and other hazards.
    Planes continued spraying the island to control mosquitoes. Officials urged those returning to wear masks to protect from mold and to properly dispose of spoiled food to stave off vermin. Are you dealing with Ike's aftermath?
    Cadaver dogs continued sniffing through rubble and debris on Bolivar Peninsula, which suffered even heavier damage than Galveston. Residents there will also start seeing their homes this week, albeit for only a quick peek. Because the main road is impassible in many spots, residents will be loaded into dump trucks and other heavy vehicles for their tour.
    Authorities had blamed the storm for 26 deaths in Texas and 61 total in the United States, including a utility contractor from Florida who was electrocuted Friday while trying to restore power in Louisville, Kentucky.
    Power had been restored to most of the customers in Texas whose electricity was cut by Ike, though the state said about 900,000 remained in the dark Sunday.
    More than 1 million people evacuated the Texas coast as Ike steamed across the Gulf of Mexico. "

    -Humanitarian Aid

  • As Ike Leaves, Help Moves In Someone Cares Brings National Aid to Hometown Houston Area By Jeremy Reynalds Correspondent for ASSIST News Service Sunday, September 14, 2008

  • "HOUSTON, TEXAS (ANS) -- A growing volunteer membership network known for rapid response and relieving suffering around the world, has mobilized with resources, relief sites, and aid for Hurricane Ike victims.
    According to a news release obtained by ANS, Somebody Cares (SC) has relationships across the country and around the world.
    However, this time the disaster they are responding to is not in some far flung part of the world, but in their own home town and the surrounding areas.
    The news release stated that a church passing out bottled water and fresh clothes, a church setting up cots for displaced persons and families and the semi trailers bringing canned food and first aid kits quite possibly partnering with Somebody Cares.
    The news release stated that Somebody Cares partners rode out the storm in the headquarters that were badly damaged by the storm, and then moved into the hardest-hit areas alongside the Red Cross and other first responders. Some partner churches along the main evacuation route stayed open to offer restrooms, auto assistance, water and prayer to those who fled the storm.
    “Evacuation help, staging areas for relief distribution, shelters, warehouses and distribution sites were in place in the strike zones before the storm made landfall,” said SC founder and president, Doug Stringer speaking in a news release.
    He added, “Ministries from as far away as Virginia and Pennsylvania, who specialize in procurement and shipping, are providing water, food, cots, and other relief supplies quickly to the areas of need.”
    Stringer said in the news release, “The devastation is wide, and the needs are extensive up and down the Texas Coast and into Louisiana. But good people from all over the country are willing to help.”
    Financial donations are needed to cover transportation expenses and to handle special circumstances that are uncovered as the network partners assess their communities in more detail.
    Stringer said churches, organizations, and businesses wishing to assist with relief supplies or other help may contact the SC office at 713-621-1498 or e-mail
    For more information go to, where daily updates about the organization’s relief work are also available."

    Convoy of Hope was Pre-positioned for Hurricane Ike Disaster Response By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Sunday, September 14, 2008
    "Anticipating the destruction and resulting need, Convoy of Hope's U.S. Disaster Response team was pre-staged in Austin, Texas and rolled further east as Ike was downgraded to a Tropical Storm Saturday afternoon.
    Convoy of Hope (COH) is currently working in collaboration with the Texas State Operations Center to establish its first Point of Distribution in the Port Arthur area.
    "Our relief teams are rushing truckloads of food, water and ice to desperate people right now. This relief and recovery effort will take many weeks," said Convoy of Hope's President, Hal Donaldson.
    "This is a time for Americans to come together, to reach out to people who have lost everything they own. Every dollar is critical. Millions of pounds of supplies are needed to help people get through this disaster." ..
    Convoy of Hope provided 47 semi-truck loads of relief supplies to date. That is approximately 1,880,000 lbs. to victims in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the United States. More than $1 million of aid was provided to the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Gustav.
    COH is seeking donations to support the disaster response.
    A $25 gift will provide $175 worth of water and ice to a family. Your $100 gift can provide $700 of desperately needed supplies. A $500 gift will multiply into $3,500 of food, water, and ice.
    Those wishing to help COH provide disaster relief should call 417/823-8998 or visit for more information. "

    Humanitarian Group’s Coordinating Relief Effort for Hurricane Ike Commended as Benchmark for the Private Sector By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Sunday, September 14, 2008
    "ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO (ANS) -- An international humanitarian group is coordinating a response to Hurricane Ike across fifteen different Service Sectors from its Global Operations Center in Englewood, Colorado, based on its international global response model.
    Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG) says it has identified 15 different service sectors encompassing a wide range of services that the private sector may provide during a disaster. The different sectors can be viewed on HISG's website: .
    HISG says the services range from food and water, shelter and reconstruction, and transportation and communications, to professional responder networks like law enforcement, firefighter and emergency medical teams.
    The Global Operations Center’s coordination of the entire range of services allows different organizations with similar points of emphasis to work together for a more effective, efficient and comprehensive response to the hurricane within a specific sector, as well as a holistic response across all of the sectors.
    The Global Operations Center (GOC) acts as a hub for sharing this critical information with different public and private emergency operations centers and private sector implementing partners.
    This center has been hosting conference calls for partner aid organizations, and processing wide ranges of data into Spot Reports and Situation Reports that provide updated information about where the greatest needs are located and who is capable of response.
    During Hurricane Gustav, public and private entities commended these reports as “the bench-mark for information on private sector response.”
    HISG’s GOC is currently at full activation responding to Hurricane Ike at Alert Level 4. It is working with partnering aid organizations to prepare a response to Hurricane Ike.
    Ike made landfall in the vicinity of Galveston, Texas early Saturday morning and caused significant damage and widespread power outages.
    HISG also sent a Rapid Assessment Team into the Houston area to collect and deliver accurate and updated information from the affected areas. The HISG Rapid Assessment Team in Houston provided this update:..."

    Rescue continues in Texas; believers meet needs Posted: 16 September, 2008 (Mission Network News)
    "The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is looking to raise $1 million to assist low income families trying to recover from this latest tragedy.
    CRWRC's Bill Adams, Director of Disaster Response Services, says their teams already know what they need to do. "Our role in this early stage is to help with the cleanup and to support our partners wherever we can." ..
    Adams says parts of Texas that were devastated by Rita three years ago are being slammed again. Many families are reliving a nightmare. However, he believes that "the Lord allows these things to happen, but He does it so that His people can respond, so the prayers of God's people would be first and then financial contributions to support the ongoing work."
    As community leaders begin to understand the full impact of Ike, additional volunteers will be sent to help plan the recovery and conduct "needs assessments." ..
    Click here if you can help in this effort in any way.

    Hurricane Ike Recovery: World Vision Helping Churches Assist in Hard Hit Areas World Vision setting up clearinghouse call-in number to connect churches to resources By Jeremy Reynalds Correspondent for ASSIST News Service Friday, September 19, 2008
    "SEATTLE (ANS) -- As thousands of evacuees remain on the move and more families return to see the damage on their homes, World Vision, the Christian relief agency, is equipping and facilitating church response to assist victims of Hurricane Ike.
    According to a news release from World Vision, the organization has set up a call-in number, 469-362-2665, as a clearinghouse to connect churches in need with churches which want to help others.
    This week, World Vision's assessment team delivered nine pallets of emergency supplies to churches in hard hit Port Arthur and Houston's 5th Ward, an economically stressed community.
    "We're seeing churches unite and rise up from their own struggles to help other churches in need," said Phyllis Freeman, World Vision's director of disaster field operation, speaking in a news release.
    She added, “One pastor whose members suffered total loss, promised to share their provisions with another pastor whose church lost most of its roof in the storm.”
    John Pettit, World Vision's national director for disaster response, said in the same news release, “For many people, the church represents an emotional and spiritual haven. By working through churches, World Vision has lasting power to reach people who might otherwise fall through the cracks.”
    Emergency supplies have been pre positioned in World Vision's Storehouses in Dallas and Picayune, Mississippi in support of relief and recovery efforts in Gulf Coast. Supplies are also being readied in Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and other locations where the organization has domestic operations.
    World Vision said the organization is also partnering with corporations such as Cardinal Health for hygiene kits and Lagasse/Sweet, a household products company for cleaning supplies, which are critical in the initial clean up of homes.
    Corporations interested in donating quality, new products should call 206.355.3598.
    Cash is also needed.
    World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. For more information go to "

    Survivors are encouraged Posted: 22 September, 2008 (Mission Network News)
    "USA (MNN) ― Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) has been working to help people hit by Hurricane Rita three years ago. After Hurricane Ike, they went right back to assess the damage in Port Arthur and Lake Charles, Louisiana, and other areas.
    When they did the assessment, they found at least some encouragement. First, the homes that they had built in the past few years were still standing strong. "We build with the kind of specifications to resist wind-damage," said CRWRC's Bill Adams.
    Secondly, the church that they have just southeast of Houston has minimal damage. The youth pastor's home was not destroyed as they had feared, though it does have about a foot of standing water.
    The clean-up teams that left from Grand Rapids, MI this week arrived in the hard-hit areas with chainsaws, a tractor and other tools. The first job though, is to help local residents form a recovery organization. Through that, CRWRC helps them understand what the recovery effort will require and assists them as they do their own "case work." This allows neighbors who know the needs in their own community to prioritize who will need assistance first. Assistance may mean rebuilding an entire home or just doing repairs.
    Adams explained that often, the more media attention an event gets, the more donations are given. This time, there has been little media hype. "What all of the agencies that do this kind of work, what we've all seen is that since Katrina, the donations have not been that significant. It's not that they haven't given--people do give. But the demands are so great, and often the volunteers outstrip the finances. That's probably where our greater difficulty is."
    If you can't give, Adams says, pray. "It's hard to relate to it unless you're actually there. So pray for safety for the survivors and for our volunteers," he said.
    CRWRC teams come into communities all wearing green shirts. They've been nicknamed the "Green Angels." For those who have endured the same hard hit from a second hurricane, the name is appropriate. "It's why the church does what it does. In fact, these communities where we've been, the people are very down; they're very depressed, as you can imagine. When they see our people come, it's really encouraging to them. And it's not even just one story. We see this all the time where people know there's hope, and that's really what we do," said Adams.
    Donate online if you'd like to help. "

    Hurricane Ike - Bear Visits Galveston

    "A person in a bear costume walks down the street in Galveston during Hurricane Ike."

    Current Events: Hurricaine 2005

    -Hurricaine Katrina

    Texas is currently (September 2005) hosting a flood of victims from last week's Hurricane Katrina (see Louisiana). Many of them are in Houston...

    Lakewood Community Church, is helping with serving those inside the Astrodome

    -Hurricaine Rita

    TWC Hurricane Rita coverage 2005: Clip 7

    "Coverage from TWC of Hurricane Rita inland over Southeast Texas on Sept. 24, 2005, with live reports from Sulphur, LA. and Beaumont, TX...Thanks to Tony (Hurricaneadventures) for sending me the footage. "

    Today (Tuesday, September 20th of 2005), Hurricaine Rita is predicted to hit the southeastern coast of Texas. They've been mentioning Galveston, so I decided to check their site. This city was a big metropolis back in the early 1900's until a wicked storm that killed around 8,000 residence! It was a big city that was up there with New York and New Orleans. It was even bigger than Houston and Dallas.

    1900 Storm

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  • Google Earth, satelite images of your neighborhood

  • *discovered during Huricane Rita coverage
  • Weather Channel
  • Forgotten Hurricane Rita

    " From: SOfweet Added: March 04, 2007
    Hurricane Rita caused havoc in Louisiana and Texas o... Hurricane Rita caused havoc in Louisiana and Texas on September 23-24, 2005. "

    Finding refuge in the old hometown 10/22/2005 Morris Sun Tribune

    Renelda Mitchell says it was like something from a science fiction movie. The former Morris resident, her husband Alan and daughter Angelica, were caught up in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita near their home in Port Neches, Texas. Their emotions ran the gamut: Nervous about Rita�s onslaught, resigned to �camping� for several days without power or running water, anxious about being unable to safely return to their home. But just the thought of Morris being out there as a comforting landmark made their plight easier. Renelda, a 1978 Morris High School graduate, moved to Beaumont, Texas, after earning a nursing degree and has lived in that area ever since, working at St. Elizabeth�s Hospital. Alan Mitchell is a school teacher.
    Renelda and Alan left Morris earlier this month to return to their jobs. Angelica stayed with her grandparents for a couple of weeks and returned to Texas last week. Renelda recounts her family�s experiences in the following letter she titled �Not Far Enough North�:

    In the first hours of September 24, 2005 my family and I had the most harrowing experience of our lives. If you may recall that date, it was when Hurricane Rita made landfall in Southeast Texas. We had evacuated 75 miles from where this massive hurricane made landfall, but as the winds began to roar around us, snapping pine trees, power lines and making projectiles of anything not tied down, we began to realize that we had not gone far enough north. As daylight appeared, we saw much damage but were grateful for our lives. We spent the rest of the day just cutting a path through the downed trees and debris just to get to the highway. There had been eight of us (friends and family) staying in a sturdy log cabin in a heavily wooded area in a lakeside gated community. We were now without power and running water. There was only one radio station that we could tune into from our area. But it was OK, we had all been campers and could handle roughing it for a while. We had all brought bottled water, lots of canned food, and had propane tanks to cook with. On day two we thought we would go and investigate our properties. We are from Port Neches, which is only about 30 miles from Sabine Pass, where the hurricane made landfall. We were preparing for the worst. As we drove toward Beaumont, the traffic slowed to a crawl, and the heat was sweltering. We began to see State Troopers at every exit, and word was passed through the traffic that the entire Beaumont/Port Arthur area was closed. This is so hard for anyone to comprehend unless you experience it. It was very surreal, like we were cast in a science-fiction/end-of-the-world kind of movie. We decided that we needed to turn around, and headed back to the nearest town to our "campsite", which was Woodville, Texas. The sight there was very depressing. We saw everything you saw on T.V. We did see MRE's, water, and ice starting to be delivered, but the lines were long, and we decided we still had enough rations for a few days. The supplies being delivered also looked like they were to run out soon, and so many were in line. We also decided it would be wise to save our gasoline, because as our lifeline -- the one AM radio station that stayed through the hurricane -- was telling us, gas could not be pumped from anywhere, because there was no power to run the pumps. Anyone who had a generator was using it, and many more were being trucked in and sold. You could buy a generator, but you could not buy food or gas. Just try to imagine that in a greater than 100 mile radius not being ABLE to buy food. We were also starting to hear that due to widespread power outage it could be weeks before we got back into our home. At that point, my mind went 1,200 miles north. I knew we had enough gas in my Camry to at least get to Dallas, where we knew we could find gas. By now, I could already feel the cool breeze in my mind. I knew that if I went far enough north, to Morris, Minnesota, a town that I knew well, I could get five-star lodging, delicious food, a hot shower -- yes, the comfort of Mom and Dad's house....that would be Carol and Walter Sperr. Little did I know what my old hometown would do for us. We had packed only a few clothes, because we did not expect to be out of our home but for a few days. Because we did not know for how long we would be gone, or possibly out of work, and the faithfulness of bills coming in, we visited the Salvation Army in Morris. We found some warmer clothes, and the warm heart of "Mike.�

    Mike asked if we had contacted the Red Cross, and promptly gave us the name and number of Joe Axtman, the local Red Cross representative, and lab manager at the hospital complex. Joe went right to work and helped us with assistance from the Red Cross. Joe even followed up and made certain that the assistance got to us. Pastor Todd from First Lutheran took us to coffee at the Common Cup and lent his support as well. As Carol Wilcox, your mayor heard that our high school-aged daughter was still in Morris last week, she invited her to the "Taste of Minnesota" disaster relief fundraiser at the high school. This was so thoughtful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those in Morris who talked to us, supported us, listened to our story, and were there in our time of need.
    I am so proud of my hometown, Morris, Minnesota. The scripture says in Philippians 4:19 that God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you all for being the hands of God extended to us.

    -Prairie Fires of 2005-2006

    Families face decisions after destructive fires, Jan 1st of 2006 (USA Today)
    "Gov. Rick Perry said more than 50,000 acres burned Monday alone. Since the rash of fires began in December, fires have consumed more than 215,000 acres, destroyed more than 250 homes and left three people dead, according to figures from the Texas Forest Service."

  • National Incident Information Center, maps
  • A friend, Paul B. (Ghanan UMM Int'l Student 03') of mine resides in Euless (neighbors north of Arlington), which is between Fort Worth and Dallas. He attends "Fellowship of Joy Church", Ghanan ethnic focus located in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, he is employed at Capital One. His vision is to get his new "Paul Brifo Foundation" (NGO) to grow. Their mission is to collect clothes and send it to help his people in Ghana and Africa overall. If you would like to help fulfill this mission, please contact him (e-mail me first). May the Lord bless you!

    Other Cities I Know People are from

  • Gonzales

  • Wikipedia
  • New Caney

  • Wikipedia
  • Pflugerville

  • *met on Oct 25th of 2007

    Reccomended Resources


    Amped Jr High Camp Gateway Church

    "A Summer camp Promotion for Gateway Church @ Southlake, Texas"


    *see Bible

  • Gonzales Family Church, where my UMM friend (Joey K.) is a worship pastor
  • Lakewood Church, in Houston with Joel Osteen

  • Lakewood History Trailer

    " Video featured at the Grand Opening of the New Lakewood Church at the former Compaq Center in Houston, TX"
    *see positive motivational speaker
  • Lord of the Harvest, in San Antonio that is predominately Filipino according to my friend Ami (9/04)!
  • New Light Christian Church, in Houston, TX

  • *UMM Alumn Dione M. (00')
  • Oak Hills Church of Christ, in San Antonio pastored by Max Lucado
  • Shady Grove, in Dallas

  • Morris connection-Nic L., who also is part of 1829 Online (youth ministry)



  • Texas Governor Calls for Gulf Oil Spill Day of Prayer,

  • "..This Sunday has been set aside as a "Day of Prayer" in Texas for those impacted by the ongoing Gulf oil spill. Governor Rick Perry made the proclamation on Thursday, urging Texans of all faiths and religions to offer prayer for healing, rebuilding of communities, and restoration of the entire Gulf Coast environment.
    Perry says the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that took 11 lives has led to economic hardship for many throughout the region. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, and Alabama Gov. Bob Riley have also declared June 27th a day of prayer to honor those who lost their lives and the many who have lost their livelihood as a result of the oil spill...

    *see Prayer-needs, reports, requests, testimonies, etc..


    Raw Video: Small Plane Crashes Into Texas Bldg

  • Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming Paul Joseph Watson Prison Thursday, February 18, 2010

  • "A trusted source has told this office that the FBI knew Austin was going to be attacked today and had dispatched officers from its Dallas headquarters yesterday afternoon to be in place for today’s incident.
    The source claims that a confidential memo was circulated yesterday detailing that a building in Austin was going to be the target of an attack today. He was told this by an informant who works in the Dallas FBI office.
    Four FBI agents hurriedly left the Dallas office yesterday to be ready and on the scene for the aftermath of the incident, according to the informant, who was shaken when he saw events unfolding today and put two and two together.
    We cannot confirm the accuracy of the claim but the source is known to us and has no motivation for inventing the story.
    The fact that pilot Joe Stack changed his manifesto at least 27 times before the final version suggests that he had been writing it for days and this could have been what tipped off the FBI in the build up to the attack.
    The claim dovetails with reports we are receiving from Austin residents that the FBI were immediately on the scene after the plane crash and were filming both the building and eyewitnesses.
    A separate witness told KXAN News that there were Hazmat teams and fire trucks in place across the street before the plane struck the building.
    Infowars reporters who spoke to neighbors at Stack’s house, which he had burned down before crashing the plane, expressed surprise at how quick emergency services responded to the fire. One neighbor, named Elbert, said that emergency crews arrived five minutes after he made the 911 call.
    Whether the attack was the work of a lone individual or part of a larger set-up, the aftermath is being exploited to the full by the corporate media and people like Glenn Beck, who are blaming the incident on Constitutionalists and the liberty movement, implying that anyone who shares any of the grievances outlined in Stack’s lengthy manifesto are also intent on crashing planes into buildings.
    Of course, the previous staged terror attack, the Christmas Day underwear bomber incident, was proven to be a set-up and the authorities repeatedly had to change their cover story after eyewitness Kurt Haskell, who was initially derided by the media, was eventually proven right in the fact that the bomber was allowed to board Flight 253 by order of the State Department.
    Authorities were similarly prepared in advance of the 9/11 attacks in New York City. As part of the Tripod II exercise, FEMA deployed on September 10 to set up a command post at Pier 29 supposedly in preparation for a biowarfare exercise scheduled for September 12.
    We are providing the following tip line for people in Austin to send their eyewitness and news tips about this incident to us.
    The number is 512-646-4444.



  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Geography

  • City Maps, from UofTexas
  • -Dallas


  • Dallas News
  • Government

  • State of Texas
  • Graphics

  • Virutous Chic, a t-shirt design company

  • *owned by a fellow UMM Alumn friend/peer-Dione M. (UMM 00')


    Battle of the Alamo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    " Jail/Prison

  • Texas Prison, from

  • "Fellowship Riders Lubbock & Unchained Life Post motorcycle ministries went into a Texas prison. That day the lives of the prisoners were touched but the lives of the bikers were also touched. All praise honor and glory to Jesus!!!!"



  • Saudi accused in US bomb plot competent to stand trial-judge ReutersBy Logan Carver | Reuters – Wed, Feb 22, 2012

  • "LUBBOCK, Texas, Feb 21 (Reuters) - A Saudi student accused of plotting to build and detonate bombs against targets including the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush was declared competent to stand trial on Tuesday by a federal judge. The ruling clears the way for Khalid Aldawsari, 21, to stand trial on April 30 in Lubbock, Texas, on a charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Aldawsari's attorneys last year filed intent to use an insanity defense and said he was incompetent. Aldawsari underwent a competency exam at a prison medical facility in Missouri. Based on the results, U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings ruled that Aldawsari understands the nature of the charges against him and is able to aid in his own defense. The Saudi national, who came to the United States on a student visa, is accused of targeting several U.S. locations, including power plants, nightclubs and Bush's home in Dallas. Aldawsari was arrested in February 2011 after he attempted to purchase a large amount of a suspicious chemical. An FBI investigation uncovered bomb-making materials in his apartment, as well as emails and journal entries in which he discussed planning attacks. "


  • Loving Hearts in Crowley, Texas

  • Met them at Spirit Fest Midwest in 2002
  • New Wave Ministries

  • " Here is a small sample of what we do at churches! We want to come to your church too! BOOK US SOON:"


  • Alamo (2004-starring Dennis Quaid, Billy Bob Thorton, etc..)

  • *saw this the other night (Monday, July 16th of 2007)
    Davy Crockett, from American West
    " Davy Crockett stands for the Spirit of the American Frontier. As a young man he was a crafty Indian fighter and hunter. When he was forty-nine years old, he died a hero's death at the Alamo, helping Texas win independence from Mexico. For many years he was nationally known as a political representative of the frontier.
    He was commander of a battalion in the Creek Indian War in 1813-1814. He was a member of the Tennessee legislature in 1821-1822 and again in 1823-1824, and of the twentieth Congress of the United States in the years 1827-1829, in the twenty-first Congress, 1829-1831 and again, in the twenty-third Congress, 1833-1835. To be a representative in the Tennessee legislature and then serve honorably as a member of Congress of the United States, was quite a feat for one with less than six months schooling. His motto was, "Be always sure you are right, then go ahead."

    Related Sites:
  • The Alamo, official historical site
  • The Alamo Site
    "was a 19th-century battle between the Republic of Mexico and the rebel Texian forces, including both Anglos (ethnic Europeans) and Tejanos (ethnic Mexicans in Texas), during the Texian's fight for independence � the Texas Revolution. It took place at the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas (then known as "San Antonio de B�xar") in February and March 1836. The 13-day siege started Tuesday, February 23, and ended on Sunday, March 6, with the capture of the mission and the death of nearly all the Texian and Tejano defenders, except for a few slaves, women and children. Despite the win, the 13-day holdout stalled the Mexican Army's progress and allowed Sam Houston to gather troops and supplies for his later success at the Battle of San Jacinto. The Texian revolutionaries went on to win the war."


    Texas Blues

    "Ron Artis And Family Performing Some Go Ol' Texas Blues Ron Artis on Piano, Harmonica, Keyboards & Vocals Ron Artis II on Guitar Victor Artis on Bass Stevon Artis on Drums & Thunderstorm Artis on Percussions. Ron Artis was born in Wichita Falls,Texas. His biological dad is Leon Blue the Texas Blues Man. His Stepfather is Norman Artis who took him around the world since he was 3 years old. Now Ron is teaching his babies how to feed the world Soul Food. Throwing Down Some Serious Texas Blues & Rock.."
    God of Wonders

    "A cover of a well known song about the awesome wonders of God. Seventy-One is a local Texas Christian rock band (Pearland & Seabrook areas). They focus on youth outreach, but hope to spread the love of God to any person that will come. I hope you enjoy the video and music...let us know what you think."

    Natural Disasters


    Palo Pinto County, Texas:

  • Texas wildfires devastating to wildlife Posted Saturday, Apr. 23, 2011 By Bob Hood Special to the Star-Telegram

  • "With Texas in the grips of a drought and wildfires occurring across the state, wildlife experts expect devastating effects on many animals and birds in some counties.
    Prescribed burns and small accidental fires produce beneficial results to plants by removing weeds, providing sunlight-dependent vegetation with more sun and removing parasites, such as ticks, fleas and flies. Large wildfires like the one that continues in Palo Pinto County around Possum Kingdom Lake, however, can have long-lasting negative impacts. "

    Texas resident: 'God help us'

    "Added on September 6, 2011 CNN's Chris Welch reports from Bastrop, Texas, where wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes."



    'UFO' found on Google Street View KLTV|Added on September 28, 2012

    "A streak in the sky in the Google Street View of Jacksonville, Texas has residents wondering. KLTV reports."

    Social Issues


    Mass Shooting At Fort Hood, Texas [At Least 12 Dead]

    "From MSNBC: Mass Shooting At U.S. Army Base Fort Hood, Texas [At Least 12 Dead] - 11/05/09 - Shooter Identified As Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan "

  • Fort Hood suspect said his goodbyes before rampage, from By MIKE BAKER and BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE, Associated Press Writers Mike Baker And Brett J. Blackledge, Associated Press Writers – 1 hr 1 min ago

  • "FORT HOOD, Texas – As if going off to war, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan cleaned out his apartment, gave leftover frozen broccoli to one neighbor and called another to thank him for his friendship — common courtesies and routines of the departing soldier. Instead, authorities say, he went on the killing spree that left 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, dead...
    The 39-year-old Army psychiatrist emerged as a study in contradictions: a polite man who stewed with discontent, a counselor who needed to be counseled himself, a professional healer now suspected of cutting down the fellow soldiers he was sworn to help...
    He said that at a class presentation by public health students, at which topics like dry cleaning chemicals and house mold were discussed, Hasan talked about U.S. military actions as a war on Islam. Hasan made clear he was a "vociferous opponent" of U.S. wars in Muslim countries, Finnell said.

    *see Religious: Islam, Muslim, Qu'ran/Koran, Allah, Mohammed, etc...
    "..His relatives in the West Bank said they had heard from family members that Hasan felt mistreated in the Army as a Muslim. ..

  • Army chaplain seeks prayers for Fort Hood shooter, By ALLEN G. BREED, Associated Press Writer Allen G. Breed, Associated Press Writer – 8 mins ago

  • "FORT HOOD, Texas – Mourners were asked to pray for the man authorities say went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood and his family, and an Army chaplain exhorted his congregation on Sunday to draw together even if the gunman's motives may never be fully known.
    "Lord, all those around us search for motive, search for meaning, search for something, someone to blame. That is so frustrating," Col. Frank Jackson told a group of about 120 people gathered at the post's chapel. "Today, we pause to hear from you. So Lord, as we pray together, we focus on things we know."
    Jackson asked worshippers to pray for the 13 dead and 29 wounded that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is accused of shooting, but also asked them to pray for Hasan and his family "as they find themselves in a position that no person ever desires to be."
    "And Lord, teach us to love and pray for those who rise up against us and pray for those who do us harm. We pray for Maj. Hasan. Asking that you do the work that only you can do in his life," Jackson said.
    At least 16 victims remained hospitalized with gunshot wounds Sunday, and seven were in intensive care....

    *see Prayer-needs, reports, requests, testimonies, etc..
    "...Military criminal investigators continue to refer to Hasan as the only suspect in the shootings Thursday but won't say when charges would be filed...
    GN Commentary: Hope for Fort Hood - November 6, 2009

    "Is there any hope, either for the dead or for the sickness that leads to this type of tragedy? rn

    1 St. Paul Soldier Killed, 1 Wounded at Fort Hood , from Posted at: 11/06/2009 5:42 PM | By: Becky Nahm
    "Two soldiers from St. Paul were victims of the shootings at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas.
    Specialist Kham Xiong, 23, was killed and 21-year-old reservist Keara Bono Torkelson was wounded.
    Xiong had been at Fort Hood for five months preparing for a New-Year's deployment, according to his family. His relatives said he was in line waiting for a physical when he was shot.
    Torkelson was shot in the back but is reportedly doing well.
    Her mother Peggy McCarty said, "She said she was shot in the back and that she was grazed on the head, but she's okay and they got the bullet right out."
    As of Friday morning, McCarty had only spoken to her daughter. She had not seen her. However the family was told Torkelson had been released from the hospital.
    Torklelson, formerly of Kansas City, married Joey Torkelson of Otsego in the last two months.
    Her grandmother Margaret Neal said the Torkelsons were talking to each other on the phone when the shooting started.
    Torkelson's family said she was excited to go and fight for her country, but now her service is on hold.
    The Associated Press contributed to this article."



    Josh & Katie Hamilton "God & Baseball" - Ministry Videos

    *see Deceiver-Ways Satan "lies" to everybody, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Magic, Illusions, Misinformed, Witches, etc....

  • Hamilton makes history with four home runs Rangers top Orioles behind outfielder's record night By T.R. Sullivan / | 5/8/2012 10:00 PM ET

  • "BALTIMORE -- Josh Hamilton tied a Major League record when he hit four home runs against the Orioles on Tuesday night, and Netali Feliz allowed one run over six innings as the Rangers won their second straight with a 10-3 victory at Camden Yards.
    Hamilton is the 16th Major League player to hit four in one game and the first since Carlos Delgado did it on Sept. 25, 2003, for the Toronto Blue Jays.
    He also set an American League record with 18 total bases. He had a double in his other at-bat to tie a Major League record for extra-base hits. All four home runs were two-run shots as Elvis Andrus scored on all four.
    Total domination
    With 18 total bases on his four-homer Tuesday,Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton set the AL record.
    Total Bases Player Team Opponent Date
    19 Shawn Green Dodgers Brewers 5/23/2002
    18 Josh Hamilton Rangers Orioles 5/8/2012
    18 Joe Adcock Braves Dodgers 7/31/1954
    17 Mike Schmidt Phillies Cubs 4/17/1976
    17 Gil Hodges Dodgers Braves 8/31/1950

    Hamilton's barrage began on the first pitch he saw after Andrus drew a one-out walk in the first. Hamilton jumped on a first-pitch curve from Orioles pitcher Jake Arrieta and hit it over the center-field wall for a two-run home run.
    Andrus once again set up Hamilton in the third by reaching on a two-out bunt hit. This time, Arrieta missed with his first two pitches before throwing a sinker that Hamilton crushed into the seats in right-center field. Adrian Beltre followed with a home run of his own, also to right-center, to give the Rangers a 5-0 lead.
    Hamilton doubled in the fifth inning off Arrieta before coming up in the seventh again with Andrus on first base. This time, Orioles manager Buck Showalter brought in left-hander Zach Phillips to face him. It didn't help. Hamilton hit the second pitch over the center-field wall for his third homer.
    Hamilton came up in the eighth against Orioles right-handed reliever Darren O'Day and hit an 0-2 pitch over the center-field wall for the record-tying home run.
    He now has 14 home runs and 36 RBIs on the season while hitting .406.
    The Rangers are now 4-4 on their current road trip, with two games left with the Orioles.
    Feliz, beating Orioles right-hander Jake Arrieta, raised his record to 2-1 with a 3.38 ERA while allowing four hits and a walk. He struck out eight, his highest to this point after five starts.
    T.R. Sullivan is a reporter for Read his blog, Postcards from Elysian Fields, and follow him on Twitter @Sullivan_Ranger. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs."

  • Josh Hamilton's likely farewell to Rangers ends with trail of boos 4 hours ago (Saturday, October 6th 2012)

  • "ARLINGTON, Texas – In his most desperate times, Josh Hamilton retreats to the Bible for reassurance and assistance. It answers his most difficult questions, like the one fans here posed to him Friday night: What do you do when a city turns on you? The revolt came swift and strong, revealed in a tornado of boos, a flood of expletives. For Josh Hamilton, the natural, this was a disaster.
    He was the face of the Texas Rangers' collapse over the last two weeks, a period in which they blew home-field advantage in the American League, a five-game lead in the AL West and found themselves in a one-game, win-or-go-home playoff against the Baltimore Orioles. And when they didn't show up for that, either, getting embarrassed 5-1 in front of a stunned Rangers Ballpark, it cemented Hamilton's slow devolution from hero to pariah.
    Hard as he tried not to dwell on the boos, he couldn't help but bring them up over and over. Five years he's been here, one of the planet's best players when he's healthy and biggest teases when he isn't, and this was how he was leaving. Hamilton is a free agent, and while he said his return is a 50-50 proposition, his tenor and disappointment and dwelling said something entirely different.
    And so did the verse of scripture he paraphrased, Matthew 10:14.
    Josh Hamilton went 0-for-4 and ended his night with a three-pitch strikeout. (AP)"If they don't receive you in a town," Hamilton said, "shake the dust off your feet and move to the next."
    Hamilton uttered it more as a coping mechanism than a metaphor, and yet even he nodded to acknowledge its appropriateness. For the first time in his baseball career, Hamilton, 31, is going to be a free agent. Texas' dust never seemed so ripe to shake.
    After the ugliness of the last few days – from the embarrassing fly-ball drop in the regular season's final and decisive game against Oakland to what could be his final at-bat in a Rangers uniform, a strikeout on three straight Brian Matusz fastballs, none faster than 92 mph – Hamilton stood by his locker and tried to unburden himself. He was alternately combative and apologetic, upbeat and sad, a contradictory scramble befitting a man at a crossroads.
    After two World Series appearances, he's still ringless; after a 43-homer, 128-RBI season, still suspect in teams' eyes; and after an 0-for-4 wild-card game that followed a punchless stretch run, still tantalizingly talented, enough so that some team out there is going to give him the years he desires (at least five) and the money he wants ($20 million-plus a year). There is too much cash floating around baseball and too weak a free agent class for Hamilton not to get paid.
    It just won't be Texas.
    [Related: Joe Saunders pitches Orioles past Rangers]
    Not unless something drastically changes. The Rangers are entering a transition period in which they try to do what only the most successful franchises can: reload instead of rebuild. They've got the goods for it: the money, the prospects, the front-office brains, the air of success. They're also in a division with a bigger spender (Los Angeles) and a similarly bright core of young talent (Oakland), and paying Hamilton that sort of salary for that long goes against much of what they believe, which can be summed up thusly: Do not give large sums of money to aging players.
    It's worth noting the Rangers never signed Hamilton to a long-term deal during his prime, the likeliest time for a club to commit to a star. The feeling went both ways; Hamilton never sought a deal with great conviction. An underlying sense pervaded the relationship: The Rangers and Hamilton were friends with benefits, getting something good from each other but not destined for marriage.
    On May 12, when Hamilton hit his 18th home run in the Rangers' first 31 games, when he was the best player in the world, when Texas was 21-10 and on its way to 100 wins, uttering a single cross word to Josh Hamilton was treason. As the season went on and little injuries kept him out of the lineup and a two-month funk festered and his eyes betrayed him down the stretch, something changed, something perhaps borne of the team's lack of commitment. For years, the Rangers have told their fans that Hamilton is not long for this team by declining to lock him up. The lack of a contract sent fans a message that he could leave, could wear another uniform – that he was fungible. And that makes for one excellent scapegoat.
    [Related: Controversial call exposes flaws in MLB's new wild-card playoff format]
    So they screamed and hissed and booed, exhibited the same sort of behavior he has seen on the road, where they've called him a drug addict and a drunk, tried to use his past to detonate his present.
    "Personally, myself, never would matter how high I was – if I went to a sporting event, I would never boo somebody or I would never yell obscenities at somebody," Hamilton said. "That's just me."
    But, he added, "They pay for tickets. They've got a right to do what they want to do. You hate to have it happen possibly the last game ever here."
    Hamilton brought that up himself, the part about the last game.
    "You think about it, yeah," he said. "And then the boos slowly drown it out." Ian Kinsler tried to get Hamilton to ignore the boos raining down on him. (Getty Images)When he goes somewhere else, Hamilton will admit the pain of this night, his last as a Ranger. It was a sad nadir to a story that ultimately is good: the drug addict and the drunk trying to clean up his life, and, for the most part, succeeding. He slipped. He admitted his error. He vowed to do better. He was not perfect. Not in life and not on the field. Following his strikeout against Matusz ending the eighth inning, Hamilton meandered toward the outfield, his steps measured, his gait contemplative. Second baseman Ian Kinsler, a friend, walked up and put his arm around him. They talked. Kinsler said: "Don't listen to 'em." The boos kept coming. Hamilton said: "I never do." They didn't stop. Kinsler said: "They'll cheer you one minute and do this the next." They eventually abated, though not soon enough to keep Hamilton from shaking his head, sighing and admitting: "It was bad, man." [Y! Sports Fan Shop: Buy Baltimore Orioles playoffs merchandise] The whole scene was. Josh Hamilton hit 142 home runs here, drove in 506 runs, batted .305/.363/.549. He lurked in the middle of the lineup for three consecutive postseasons and won an MVP award. He may never have been the face of the franchise, but he is one of the faces of the sport. "I always would love to stay here," he said, and maybe that's true. Maybe the overwhelming emotion of the moment, of losing to Joe Saunders and the Baltimore freaking Orioles, turned up the volume on the boos and left them rattling around in his head. If not, we'll know by the trail of dust leading from here to parts unknown.


  • a href="">Tim Tebow shares Christian testimony at massive Easter service By Mark Ellis Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Monday, April 9, 2012

  • "AUSTIN, TEXAS (ANS) -- Incoming New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow shared about his bold mix of faith and football at a massive outdoor Easter service, in which God received the glory for a career that has captivated believers throughout the country.
    Tim Tebow
    As many as 20,000 people sat outdoors on a sunny Resurrection Day at “East on the Hill” organized by Pastor Joe Champion of Celebration Church, located in Georgetown, 15 miles north of Austin.
    In an interview-style format with Pastor Champion, Tebow recounted his journey of faith, kindled by the Holy Spirit at a young age. “I still remember when I was a little boy lying in my bed,” he said. “I had been to church and I had been to devotionals and all sorts of things,” he recalled.
    “It was the first time that I realized in my life that if I got in a car the next morning and I drove and got in a crash and died, I really believed I was going to die and go to hell.”
    This sobering reality pierced his young heart and mind. “I couldn’t sleep that night,” he admitted.
    After tossing and turning in the darkness, he got up at dawn and bolted to his parents’ room.




  • Lord of the Harvest

  • Address: 4906 Stahl Road, San Antonio, TX 78217 Phone: (210) 590-9113 Email:


    Visit San Antonio Texas

    "The official video publicly available at, by the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, it is posted here with the sole intention of promoting visitors to come to San Antonio, Texas"

    San Antonio, Texas

    "San Antonio" Lilbitty's photos around San Antonio, United States

    "A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to San Antonio, United States by TravelPod blogger Lilbitty titled "San Antonio!!!"
    Lilbitty's travel blog entry:...


  • The Serengeti Resort

  • "408 Fuller Dr. Bergheim Tx 78004 (MAP) Phone: 830.816.3600 | Fax: 20"
    Sengretti Resort Animals-Ostrich April 30th 2011

    Sengretti Resort Exotic Animals Safari Tour April 30th 2011

    *see SalPhoto.Biz
    Sengretti Resort Lemurs April 30th 2011

    2008 HHZ Christmas Party Serengeti Resort , from
  • Rodeway Inn Near Ft Sam Housto 1129 Austin Hwy San Antonio, TX 78209 United States of America , $47/night

  • Welcome to Days Inn San Antonio San Antonio, Texas,
    9401 IH 35 North San Antonio, TX 78233 (210) 650-9779 Fax (210) 599-3173
    " Welcome to Days Inn San Antonio. We are located in the north east side of San Antonio on IH-35 North, just outside of Loop 410. Only 5 miles from the airport, 10 miles from downtown, easy access to all San Antonio attractions such as the Alamo, Alamo Dome, San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, Fiesta Texas, Retema Park Horse Racing and Natural Bridge Caverns."
    Salado Creek Villas - San Antonio
    2383 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX, 78217 United States 866-539-0036
    Salado Creek Villas in San Antonio Texas - Music Video


    Night Life in San Antonio, TX (April 29th 2011)

    "Thank you Jon Power (#7-"We Walk by Faith")'s "The Indescribable Gift" Album"

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}

  • The San Antonio River Walk

  • "... is a public park, open 365 days a year. It is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath approximately 5 miles of downtown San Antonio. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants, the River Walk is an important part of the city's urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right...
  • Tower of the Americas

  • The Tower of the America's in San Antonio Texas in HD

  • Ripley's Attractions

  • Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks
    " can experience the world of movie stars, historical figures, fantasy and fear. See over 200 life-like figures in amazing detail from the famous to the infamous! Visit our brand new lobby and new wax figure additions, located just steps from the Alamo..."


  • Alamo Dome

  • Coyote Ugly Saloon
  • =>Historic

  • The Alamo

  • "..Originally named Mission San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo served as home to missionaries and their Indian converts for nearly seventy years. Construction began on the present site in 1724. In 1793, Spanish officials secularized San Antonio's five missions and distributed their lands to remaining Indian residents. These men and women continued to farm the fields, once the mission's but now their own, and participated in the growing community of San Antonio. ..
    The Alamo - Triumph and Tragedy in History

    The Alamo,
    " Texan forces captured San Antonio and the Alamo on December 10, 1835. At this point, Santa Anna and his entire army began their March to Texas. Santa Anna reached the Alazan at noon, on the 23d day of February, 1836 ; and Urrea arrived at San Patricio before dawn on the morning of the 27th. At two o'clock in the afternoon, Santa Anna marched into San Antonio: The Texan guard in the town retired in good order to the Alamo. Colonel Travis, in anticipation of an attack, had done what he could to strengthen the walls, and provide means for defense. The Alamo, though strong, was built for a mission, and not for a fortress. The walls are thick, but of plain stone-work, and without a redoubt or bastion to command the lines of the fort. The main wall is a rectangle, one hundred and ninety feet long, and one hundred and twenty-two feet wide. On the southeast corner was attached the old church, a large building, and containing the magazine and soldiers' quarters. Adjoining this on the east side was the stone cuartel for horses. About midway of the east side of the main wall, but within it, was a two-story stone building; the upper story being used for a hospital, and the lower one for an armory, soldiers' quarters, &c. There were four pieces of artillery mounted on the side toward the town, and a like number facing the north; two on the side of the church, and four to defend the gate which looked toward the bridge across the San Antonio river. The place was supplied with water from two aqueducts running on either side of the walls. But Travis was greatly deficient in men, provisions, and ammunition...."
    The Alamo movie trailer.

    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure - Alamo Tour , from


  • San Antonio Maps, from

  • Map Antonio


  • My San Antonio
  • -Shopping

  • North Star Mall

  • AArrow Advertising San Antonio spinning at Northstar Mall Ap , from

    Getting Here

    San Antonio International Airport
    " is located (9800 Airport Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78216.) in Northern San Antonio, approximately eight miles or 15 minutes from the downtown area. Loop 410 and U.S. 281 are the two highways providing access to the main entry points..
    San Antonio International Airport From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Landing in San Antonio, TX , from

    *3 hr layover from Colorado from Minnesota

    *short flight from San Antonio to Dallas before skipping to Kansas City before my final trip to Minnesota

  • San Antonio: Getting Around, from

  • Highways:
    Downtown San Antonio Highway Drive (April 29th 2011)

    END GAME: Official Movie Eugenics pt6

    *see LA: Computers-AntiVirus, Homepages, Internet-Online, Softwares, Storage, etc..., , Issues: Greed, Greedy, Power, Rich, Wealthy, etc...


    Driving thru San Antonio

    I-10 East: San Antonio Texas

    "Video follows I-10 East from Mile 561 to Mile 575 through downtown."
    I-35 South: San Antonio Texas , from



    Texas Shocked by Snow

  • Icy weather stifles pre-Super Bowl fun, injures workers at stadium By the CNN Wire Staff February 4, 2011 10:59 p.m. EST

  • "The Dallas area is under a winter storm watch and airlines have canceled hundreds of flights.
    Arlington, Texas (CNN) -- A deep freeze across the South appears to have dampened the pre-Super Bowl fun for fans gathering in the Lone Star State.
    Salt spreaders and plows rumbled through Arlington, where sub-freezing temperatures hung in the air amid a mix of debilitating sleet and snow that canceled hundreds of flights Friday, raising questions about whether the Super Bowl host was ready for the rash of inclement weather.
    Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck gave the most direct response to critical out-of-towners who showed up days ahead of Sunday's big game, calling their chilly assessment a Super Bowl-size case of sour grapes.
    "They're probably jealous," Cluck said. "Everybody is going to be able get in and out easily. So I don't pay any attention to that."
    But former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner called the city "unprepared" to handle the nation's biggest sporting event in the wintry weather.
    "When you drive around here right now, there's nothing going on," Warner said. "It's like the city is dead, which you don't expect Super Bowl week."
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was a bit more diplomatic, saying the city faced "a few challenges that we didn't expect, weather-wise."
    The big game will be played in Cowboys Stadium -- a domed arena with a retractable roof.
    Ice and snow slid off the stadium roof Friday and caused injuries to workers below, authorities said. "

    Hundreds of Flights Cancelled in Dallas


  • Wise Choices For Youth, Inc., 415 Breesport, Ste 110 San Antonio, TX 78216 (Ami)

  • "Our mission is to promote the goal of sexual abstinence until marriage as an expected and valued behavior through increasing community awareness and community involvement."
    *see Issues: Sex

    101 Ways to Change the World for Animals

    "Whose heart doesn't soften at the sight of a kitten, puppy or foal? We're instinctively drawn to a nest of chirping chicks, ducklings paddling madly after their mother, or a tiny chimp clinging to a parent.
    This book is dedicated to animals - wild and domesticated. Our lives are richer because of them. They deserve our respect and protection. Although we barely scratch the surface in this little book, we hope it will inspire your awareness and support of those organizations who are working tirelessly on behalf of the animals in our world."
    *With God's help!

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