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A friend of mine is planning to go hunting (pheasant) at Redfield, SD. I (Sal) decided to do this website today (10/13/04) as I went to look for the location of this city.

I had the opportunity to visit a small town called Houghton this summer (2006). This is the hometown of a good friend/brother in the Lord-Tim Mitchell. After being his housemate and friend since 2001, he finally invited me to his place of birth. I had the chance to see his mom and dad for the first time. It was actually an awesome 2 hour road trip because it was located in a very unique terrain environment.

Today is December 30th of 2006. A friend of mine who just got married this past summer moved to Rapid City. I decided to look into this city...


Another city I've been interested in research lately is Eagle Butte because of the many UMM ties. Particularly the Native American population from this region-reservation of South Dakota.

Hamlin County

Lake Norden
Trinity Lutheran Church
405 3rd Avenue North (between Dakota St. & Park St.)


  • Chamber of Commerce
  • City Data
  • Wikipedia

  • " is a city in Codington County, South Dakota, USA. The population was 20,237 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Codington CountyGR6. Paul S. Fox is the current Mayor. Watertown has one public high school, Watertown Sr. High School, and one private boarding school, Great Plains Lutheran High School.
    Watertown is home to the Redlin Art Center which houses many of the original art works produced by Terry Redlin, one of America's most popular wildlife artists. Watertown also is home to the Bramble Park Zoo. The Watertown Public Opinion is a six-day daily newspaper published in Watertown."

  • Watertown Churches and Religion, from area connect

  • Church Angel, list

  • -New Life Evangelical Free Church (map)
    1530 N Highway 20
    . Watertown, SD 57201
    WATERTOWN, SD 57201

    WATERTOWN, SD 57201

    Recommended Resources






  • Looking for a church to call home., from
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  • *see Bible


    REAMP Profile Mary Stueve

    "Clean Water Action South Dakota"


    -Big Stone County
    30 Seconds in heaven..turn up ur volume

    "the beach at the cabin in Big Stone Lake, South Dakota "

    -Davison County

  • Mitchell,

  • "..home of the world famous Corn Palace. The Corn Palace is decorated with several colors of dried corn and grains creating murals...
  • Corn Palace

  • The Corn Palace of South Dakota: America's Heartland Series

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  • Visit Rapid City

    Ellsworth AFB Museum Missile Control Center

    The Air Force Thunder Birds perform at Dakota Thunder 2009 part 2/2.

    Motel 6 Rapid City , $90 from (official site)
    620 East Latrobe St, Rapid City, SD 57701 Phone: 605-339-9212
    Rodeway Inn Mt. Rushmore Area , $120 from
    2208 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Rapid City, SD 57701 (orbitz map or * Phone: (605) 342-1303 or 866-538-0187
    *"We understand that sometimes plans fall through. We do not charge a change or cancel fee. However, this property (Rodeway Inn Mt Rushmore Area) imposes the following penalty to its customers that we are required to pass on: Cancellations or changes made after 4:00 PM (Mountain Daylight Time (US & Canada)) on Jul 24, 2010 are subject to a 1 Night Room & Tax penalty. The property makes no refunds for no shows or early checkouts."
    (You can change or cancel your lodging booking online or by calling (800) 297-4120. Book online or call 866-544-5685 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

    -Deuel County

  • Clear Lake

  • Good Samaritan Society - Deuel County Address: 913 Colonel Pete St. PO Box 530 Clear Lake, SD 57226 Business Phone #: 605-874-2159 Business Fax #: 605-874-8449 Business Description:
    " Providing skilled nursing care, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Nursing Restorative therapies and Respite Care. 4 Seasons Assisted Living provides all meals, 24/7 on site nursing, medical administration and showering and bathing assistance.

  • Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • *see Driving directions to Sioux Falls, SD, from morris, mn ( 3 hours 17 mins 3 hours 22 minutes / 211.62 miles

    Time Lapse Watertown, SD to Sioux Falls, SD

    Super 8 Motel Sioux Falls I, (official site) $80 from
    4808 N Cliff I-90 exit 399 Cliff Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0556 US Phone: 605-339-9212
    *" Cancellation Policy If you need to cancel, you must do so by 4:00 PM local hotel time on July 23, 2010 or your credit card will be charged for one night's stay. "
    Motel 6 Sioux Falls , (official site) $80 from
    3009 W. Russell St., I-29 at Exit #81, Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Phone: (605) 336-7800
    Rodeway Inn (SD071), $60 from
    4208 West 41st St., Sioux Falls, SD, US, 57106 * Phone: (605) 361-2345

    ".. is located just minutes west of the largest city in South Dakota and truly on the edge of everything. On the edge of being one of the next most progressive communities in either Minnehaha or Lincoln counties..
    -Lodging: Lake Park Motel 1515 Nw St Hartford, SD 57033 605-256-3524 , from

    -Lake Traverse

    goodnewsusadotinfo's South Dakota 2013 Visit album on Photobucket


  • State of South Dakota
  • History

  • Wikipedia-Name background?
  • Wikipedia
  • -Wounded Knee Massacre
    Wounded Knee

    "Massacre At Wounded Knee"
    " was the last major armed conflict between the Lakota Sioux and the United States, subsequently described as a "massacre" by General Nelson A. Miles in a letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.[1]
    On December 29, 1890, 500 troops of the U.S. 7th Cavalry, supported by four Hotchkiss guns (a lightweight artillery piece capable of rapid fire), surrounded an encampment of Miniconjou Sioux (Lakota) and Hunkpapa Sioux (Lakota)[2] with orders to escort them to the railroad for transport to Omaha, Nebraska. One day prior, the Sioux had given up their protracted flight from the troops, and willingly agreed to turn themselves in at the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota. They were the very last of the Sioux to do so. They were met by the 7th Cavalry, who intended to use a display of force coupled with firm negotiations to gain compliance from them.
    The commander of the 7th had been ordered to disarm the Lakota before proceeding. During the process of disarmament, a deaf tribesman refused the order to give up his rifle unless he was paid fair value for it[citation needed] . This set off a chain reaction of events that led to a scene of sheer chaos and mayhem with fighting between both sides in all directions.
    By the time it was over, more than 300 men, women and children of the Lakota Sioux lay dead. Twenty-five troopers also died during the massacre, some believed to have been the victims of "friendly fire" as the shooting took place at point blank range in chaotic conditions.[3] Around 150 Lakota are believed to have fled the chaos, an unknown number dying from hypothermia."

    Lakota prelude
    "In February 1890, the United States government broke a Lakota treaty by adjusting the Great Sioux Reservation of South Dakota, an area that formerly encompassed the majority of the state, into five relatively smaller reservations.[5] This was done to accommodate homesteaders from the east and was in accordance with the government�s policy of "breaking up tribal relationships"[6] and "conforming Indians to the white man�s ways, peaceably if they will, or forcibly if they must."[7] Once on the half-sized reservations, tribes were separated into family units on 320 acre plots, forced to farm, raise livestock, and send their children to boarding schools that forbade any inclusion of traditional Native American culture and language.
    Ghost Dance
    "- a form of circle or spirit dancing, which according to anthropologist James Mooney had existed for centuries -- is a religious ceremony by which participants believe that their dead relatives will come back and all white people will perish. Paiute prophet Wovoka reported in 1888 that the Great Spirit had spoken to him in a vision, asking him to take the message to all Indian tribes that performing the Ghost Dance would bring about a renewal of the earth, the return of the buffalo, and their deceased loved ones would live again. Wovoka preached peace, saying that God asked Indians not to fight each other or the white man. ("You must not fight. Do right always.") Tribal leaders met with Wovoka and took the message home."
    Ghost Dance by Bill Miller

    "Bill is a renowned Native American musician and painter. This song was written after Bill viewed some appalling photos taken at the Wounded Knee Massacre. " Related Sites:

  • Wounded Knee Museum

  • On an obscure, lonely hill they call Wounded Knee One can reflect and honor Native American heroesTuesday, December 30, 2008 By Jim Uttley Special to ASSIST News Service
    "WOUNDED KNEE, SOUTH DAKOTA (ANS) -- It's just an obscure bluff among the barren hills of western SouthDakota. If you weren't paying attention, you'd miss the little signpointing to the small rundown cemetery on the hill.
    Once you arrive, its significance begins to grab you. Wounded Knee. A small plot of land with an infamous, tragic story.
    The Mass Grave of victims of massacre Climbing up two broken steps and through a cross-crowned archway, I was ushered onto a sacred piece of ground. Looking straight ahead, there lies a long rectangular plot framed by a chain-link fence. Inside a sidewalk on all four sides borders a plot of brown grass.
    Setting foot on this side walk, I realized that I was standing above the burial ground of more than 160 Lakota men, women and children, thrown naked into a gaping mass grace, covered over with dirt thrown by the men who murdered these innocent Native chiefs, braves, mothers and children in cold blood that fateful December day in 1890. Bruce Bartelli gives word of encouragement and hope to Calvin Spotted Elk
    The reason for my visit was to honor the memory of two descendents of Chief Spotted Elk, also known as Big Foot. I was there as part of an entourage of family and friends who had come to lay headstones on the graves of Jasper Spotted Elk and his son, Richard Spotted Elk.
    Jasper was a decorated war hero who served as a paratrooper in the Second World War, having successfully made jumps into enemy territory in the Philippines. A drunk driver tragically killed his son, Richard, in 2005.
    Mission Wounded Knee coordinators Bruce and Donna Bartelli brought the two headstones from their home in Kansas which coincidentally is the state that headquartered the U.S. Army 7th Calvary, the soldiers who carried out the raid at Wounded Knee Creek.
    Calvin Spotted Elk requested that his friend Bruce, open the afternoon service with a reading of Psalm 23 and a short word and prayer. Jonathan Maracle of Broken Walls followed with a word of commendation for Calvin and a flute solo.
    Following this, a Lakota spiritual elder conducted a traditional Lakota memorial service.
    As I walked among the graces and stood above the mass grave of Lakota heroes, emotion and sadness overwhelmed me. Tears filled my eyes as I reas the inscription on the solitary monument. Jonathan Maracle plays Native flute solo
    Unfortunately, for most Americans, Wounded Knee is but a name, an insignificant place. A name with little connection or context to what happened that fateful December 29, 1890.
    But for Calvin and his family, they can't escape the details of this tragedy.
    As we stood waiting for the service to begin, Calvin showed me a torn photocopy of his family tree that connects him back to his great-great grandfather, Chief Spotted Elk.
    Later at church not far from the site of the massacre, a reception was held, put on by Calvin's family and friends. There we viewed the photos of his ancestors, almost forgotten in today's headline-crazed world.
    Chief Spotted Elk got his nickname "Big Foot," because when a load of used clothing was donated to his tribe, he made sure that every one of the Natives under his care received some clothing and shoes. All that remained was a pair of Army boots, several sizes too big for the chief. Wearing them, he was given the name "Big Foot," and that name seems to have stuck with him to this day.
    Calvin's great aunt shared how today's events were possible because his great-great grandmother escaped the slaughter of innocent lives, fleeing with her infant son, Calvin's great grandfather.
    Rex Alan Smith recounts this tragedy in his classic Moon of Popping Trees: The tragedy at Wounded Knee and the End of the Indian Wars (Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press, 1975). He writes: "On December 29, 1890, Pine Ridge reservation was enjoying its best weather of the month and almost of the entire winter. It was a day so gentle and clear that the distant brown hills looked as warm and soft as rumpled deerskin, and it was so still that the faraway sounds could be heard clearly, and the thin brown haze of smoke rising from Mousseau's chimney stood straight as a sunflower stalk against the blue sky. So at first the Minneconjous around Big Foot's tent sat calmly enjoying the friendly sun as they smoked and talked. But as they continued to speak about this thing that was happening and about their lodges being searched, they looked around and saw how tightly they were encased in a box of soldiers who stood watching them with loaded guns, and a feeling of cold uneasiness began to build.
    A few short moments later, there was a commotion, a rifle shot went off which led to the massacre we now know as Wounded Knee.
    Smith continues, "Unaware of the events unfolding at Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge agency began that day as placidly as any other. In the vast sprawl of camps surrounding the agency the Indians were passing the time in perfunctory chores, in visiting, or simply in warming themselves in the sun...At the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Elaine Goodale and the Indian women from various church women's societies were sacking candy,...The women now were preparing for the sixth of the eight Christmas parties when, just before ten o'clock, a muttering rumble of cannon fire could be heard coming from the distant northeast, and the serenity at Pine Ridge was shattered by the knowledge that something had gone terribly wrong at Wounded Knee...."
    The events of this day in recognizing another descendant of the victims of Wounded Knee are, for us, another reminder that Native Americans and non-natives need to recognize again the sacrifices our ancestors made so we may live.
    Now Calvin and his siblings can rest knowing that they honored their people in a good way--the Lakota way. "

    *see Native Indian Americans


  • Wing Shooting Destination
  • Maps

  • Counties of SD, ready to work (economic development)
  • Site Atlas, from UofTexas
  • -Highway

  • South Dakota Highway Map in PDF format,
  • Military


  • Ellsworth Heritage Foundation, from

  • PO Box 871, Box Elder, SD 57719 Phone: 605-385-5189
    South Dakota Air and Space Museum South Dakota Air and Space Museum
    " the largest museum dedicated to aviation in the Midwestern United States. The four indoor Galleries and gift shop are open seven days a week 8:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m. from May - September, and 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. October - April, (Closed January -February for maintenance). The outdoor air park (aircraft. missile, & bomb displays) reflects the above hours, however, during January - February the gates will be open on a limited schedule. The Museum features a large airpark with aircraft static displays, exhibits inside the hangars and a first-class gift shop managed by the Ellsworth Heritage Foundation (EHF). ..

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  • Fort Sisseton

  • " Walk the grounds where the officers' quarters, stone barracks, powder magazine, guard house, and other buildings remain at frontier Fort Sisseton. This 1864 fort, atop the Coteau des Prairies (or hills of the prairies), is a rare reminder of the western frontier. The fort's name comes from the nearby Sisseton Indian Tribe, and it is now a picturesque state park that unfolds the area's history.
    Originally a frontier army outpost, this National Historic Landmark has been restored and is open to the public. The site of the fort (originally called Fort Wadsworth) was chosen for providing a strong natural defense, an ample supply of lime and clay for making bricks, an abundance of lake water for drinking and a thick stand of trees for timber and fuel. Guided tours by fort "soldiers" and others in costume are available."

    Firing 1874 Gatling Gun

    "This is a demonstration firing of a 1874 Gatling Gun. It is a .45 caliber "Camel Gun" with the shorter 14 in barrels. Seen at Fort Sisseton, SD . This beautiful shiny brass weapon weighed in at 300lbs with its tripod. "


  • Dimond Willow Ministries

  • *friend Jacq referred me (Wed. Aug 13th of 08')
  • Eagles Wings-Ron Hutchcraft
  • -Jail

    Forgiving the Unforgivable: Restorative Justice

    "A woman, backed by a Lutheran church, works with prisoners to provide restorative justice. In the video, a man who shoots a mother and father"s son works steps with the victim"s family towards healing and forgiveness"

    Natural Disasters

    *see God’s :Perfect" Timing in Life « Goodnewseverybodycom’s Weblog, from

  • 'Way out of whack' weather produces record hailstone By Kim Hutcherson and Angela Fritz July 30, 2010 1:39 p.m. EDT

  • "(CNN) -- A South Dakota ranch worker who found a record-setting hailstone says the chunks of ice falling from the sky sounded like "big bricks" being thrown at his house.
    Leslie "Les" Scott found the record-breaker, which is almost the size of a soccer ball, last week. It's been been officially declared the largest ever recorded in the United States, in terms of both diameter and weight. The hailstone measured 8.0 inches in diameter, had a circumference of 18.62 inches, and weighed one pound, 15 ounces, according to the NOAA National Climate Extremes Committee.
    Scott says larger hailstones fell around the tiny town of Vivian, South Dakota last week. As severe thunderstorms swept through the area on July 23, Scott says he and a few friends gathered on a hilltop to watch the weather system. He abandoned his position when he saw twisters taking shape in the clouds, but continued watching the storm from his home. He told CNN that he saw hailstones that were as large or larger than the one he actually kept. In fact, Scott said the smallest hailstone he found was about the size of a tennis ball.
    Damage around the town is also evidence of the unusual large size of the hailstones that fell, according to Scott. He said there are patches on every home in Vivian. Hailstones punched through many roofs and ended up in attics and even bedrooms. ..
    Even Scott's mother has been talking about how strange the weather has been during the summer of 2010. She's celebrating her 86th birthday Friday, and Scott says she's never seen anything like this before in her life.....

    Related Sites:
    Obscene storm structure from South Dakota!

    Supercell in southeast South Dakota 07/23/10 , from
    WORLD RECORD HAIL producing supercell - South Dakota - July 23, 2010 , from
    Lightning in Brookings, SD 7/23/2010 , from

    *note: this was the exact time my friends from Brazil and I were traveling late at night on our "road-trip". We decided to pull-over at a nearby truck stop at an exit a ways after Sioux Falls. The clouds were getting very dark and I told my friend to exit the nearest one around 9:45pm. When we went inside the gas station, we found out there was a "tornado warning" till 10pm. I thank God that we were able to be at this particular location of our road trip because if we were any further ahead on I-90, we would've been driving through the "dangerous" storm system. I know understand why we took that "unintentional" long-detour from Appleton to Ortonville, which was a "longer way" earlier in our road trip. God was sure watching us!!

    Native American

    Let It Rain

    "A vision of hope for the children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Music by Michael W. Smith. Primary video from "The Passion A vision of hope for the children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Music by Michael W. Smith. Primary video from "The Passion Of The Christ". Pictures from mission projects of the Winton Road Church of God. Guest appearance by CJ Sparrow."


  • Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, govt's site

  • *friend Jacq referal
    Pine Ridge-Wikipedia
    " is an Oglala Sioux Native American reservation located in the U.S. state of South Dakota. Pine Ridge was established in the southwest corner of South Dakota on the Nebraska border and consists of 8,984.306 km� (3,468.86 sq mi) of land area, the eighth-largest reservation in the United States, larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
    Most of the land comprising the reservation lies within Shannon County and Jackson County, two of the poorest counties in the U.S. In addition, there are extensive off-reservation trust lands, mostly in adjacent Bennett County, but also extending into adjacent Whiteclay, Nebraska in Sheridan County, just south of the community of Pine Ridge, the reservation's administrative center and largest community. The 2000 census population of all these lands was 15,521. However, a study conducted by Colorado State University and accepted by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development estimate the resident population to be approximately 26,000.
    The reservation was the setting for Adrian Louis' novel "Skins" as well as the 2002 Chris Eyre adaptation of the same name, and the 2000 book, On the Rez, by Ian Frazier."

    "Although Pine Ridge is the eighth largest reservation in the United States, it is the poorest reservation. It is probably easily comparable to the least developed countries of the Third World[citation needed]. Unemployment on the Reservation hovers around 20% and 49% live below the Federal poverty level.[1] Adolescent suicide is four times the national average. Many of the families have no electricity, telephone, running water, or sewer. Many families use wood stoves to heat their homes. The population on Pine Ridge has among the shortest life expectancies of any group in the Western Hemisphere: approximately 47 years for males and in the low 50s for females. The infant mortality rate is five times the United States national average. Reservation population was estimated at 15,000 in the 2000 census, but that number was raised to 28,000 by HUD, following a University of Colorado door-to-door study.







    Sal Dancing Around South Dakota's Tourist Attractions July 2013 from Sal Monteagudo on Vimeo.

    *see Science: Creation

  • Badlands National Park (U.S. National Park Service), from

  • {2013}

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    Tour of the Badlands in the Black Hills of South Dakota

    Nature Parks BADLANDS South Dakota , from

  • Black HIlls Tourist Info Directory and Guide

  • South Dakota Road Trip - The Black Hills

    This video is driving in South Dakota on US Highway 85 south in to the Black Hills to the the historical towns of Deadwood, Central City, and Lead. You can see the Deadwood historical district, in including Hotels and Casinos on Main Street."

    Related Sites:
    "The Black Hills (Pah� S�pa in Lakota, Moˀȯhta-voˀhon�aeva in Cheyenne) are a small, isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota and extending into Wyoming, USA. Set off from the main body of the Rocky Mountains, the region is something of a geological anomaly�accurately described as an "island of trees in a sea of grass."..
    Tour of Crazy Horse Memorial near Custer, South Dakota

    "Jon Olson, a Black Hills native, gives a behind the scenes tour of Crazy Horse Memorial, located near Custer, South Dakota. Discover this spiritual Native American mountain carving."

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    Mount Rushmore National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service), from
    ".."The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification of the United States with colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt." Gutzon Borglum ...-history-culture

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    4th of July - Mount Rushmore Singers

    mount rushmore, from

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  • " This is a look at what there is to do and see in the city of Keystone, South Dakota. Located only 2 miles from Mount Rushmore and less than 30 minutes from the Crazy Horse Memorial, this is the perfect location to base your Black Hills vacation. This travel review is featured on and there are many more to come, so stay tuned!


  • Black Hills

  • "an oasis of pine-clad mountains on the Great Plains. The mountains and forests of the Black Hills include a treasury of six national parks. 101 miles of National Scenic Byways. Waterfalls. Watchable wildlife. Acclaimed recreational trails. Trout fishing, Old West landmarks like Deadwoodshopping and Wounded Knee. Seventy fun-filled attractions for boys and girls, parents and grandparents...
    Summer Activities in the Black Hills of South Dakota

    "Black Hills News Media: The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota off a wide verity of recreational activities from biking, hiking, horseback riding, and much more"

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  • Horse Thief Campground

  • Clift Diving Horse Thief Lake, Hill City in Black Hills- SD on July 24th 2010

    "My friend Paulo diving in Horse Thief Lake, which I got only the part when he was finishing his dive. I wasn't able to get it earlier as I waited and waited and waited for him to finally dive....he was taking his time like the others in the clip. I was chatting with my friend Gustavo about his family while we were "waiting"! "

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    Related Sites:
    Horse Thief Lake ~ Black Hills, South Dakota ~ Rock Jumping ~ Motorcycle Ralley , from
    Tom jumping at Horsethief Lake in the Black Hills, SD. 8/02/10 , from

  • Spokane Creek
  • Crazy Horse Monument The world's largest mountain carving, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Crazy Horse Memorial South Dakota

  • Mount Rushmore Caves

  • "....Icicle-like stalactites hang from cavern ceilings, while spires of stalagmites rise from the smooth rock floor. Experienced cave guides escort you on your journey, past mysterious chambers, many of them still unexplored.
    The Black Hills are home to the 2nd largest cave system in the US. The Black Hills are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the US. Geologists believe this cave, with its world-class big room, began forming 60 million years ago. ..

    Mt. Rushmore's Caves

    *see Science: Geology

    A Taste of South Dakota

    " Second weekend in the season. Just west of Platte. Right outside Heaven"


  • Interstate 90 Exits in SD Pictures and Information, from

  • {2013}

    South Dakota Road Trip Morris, MN to Mudro, SD 2013

    South Dakota Road Trip Morris, MN to Mudro, SD 2013 from Goodnews USA on Vimeo.


    I took a 3-day weekend road -trip with some friends from Brazil from Friday, July 23rd (6:30pm) till Sunday, July 25th 2010 (arrived home around past midnight the next day-Monday!!).
    Morris, MN to Keystone, SD , from : 8 hours 21 minutes / 565.21 miles

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    Driving through South Dakota, Part 1: Oh, the Beauty! Oh, the Horror! , from


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