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  • New Foundation Ministries Las Vegas

  • "Sir.Pastor Nick Velasques
    4220 E.Craig Rd.@ N.LAMB BLD.
    Noth Las Vegas NV.89081
    We Welcome All Nations.

    Las Vegas Strip Mobile Ministry

    "Out Door Ministry Las Vegas strip NV."
    NextStep Ministry Las Vegas - Ministry Videos


    Todd White Healing on the Streets of Vegas

    Street Healing in Las Vegas - IN THE NAME OF JESUS - #2 , from
    'See how people on the streets of Las Vegas are healed by the power of God, operating though a street healer! 800-759-0700"


    Hookers for Jesus in Las Vegas Featuring Nana Mithweli

    XXXchurch: Starving Jesus Tour Fox Las Vegas

    The Starving Jesus Tour makes a stop in Las Vegas. Check out what the news outlets have to say there."


    Will Las Vegas Go to Heaven???

    "God's Love for Las Vegas Nevada.U.S.A....And where Ever YOU Are, We Shall Go Up to See and be with Jesus Christ The Lord.The One Who Came to SAVE SINNER'S.{John 3:16,17. ].!!!"

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