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Heaven's Peak at Glacier National Park
(pictures provided by NPS)

My first experience in this state was back in 2002 (see Hungry Horse Resort-A Trip adventure)...

Glacier National Park Montana USA & Canada

"This National Park between two countries-USA & Canada, you can drive from USA side to go in to Canada, or using other way from Canada to USA."

Boulder Pass ridge above lakes in in Glacier National Park !

"Boulder Pass ridge above lakes in in Glacier National Park Hiking Backcountry Camping Extreme Montana Wilderness 2007!"

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  • Hungry Horse Reservoir Montana 2007 !
  • During the road trip to Hungry Horse Camp at Glacier National Park, I saw my first ever "live" bear crossing the highway right in front of us...

    Montana Black Bear

    "A black bear came up over the ridge in the fall, looking for food"

    Reccomended Resources


    Glacier Wilderness Adventures - Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp

    "Glacier Wilderness Adventures are a program of Flathead Lutheran Bible camp located in northwest Montana. The Glacier Wilderness program provides Christian wilderness experiences for church youth groups. These weeklong trips include: backpacking, rafting, sailing, seakayaking, or servant events"


    *see Bible


  • Hungry Horse, from

  • "..., population about 900, is one of those small communities likely to be overlooked on the way to Glacier National Park, which lies just 10 miles to the east. But it's worth a stop, either for a traveler's rest break or a place to spend the night prior to a full day in the park. Worth checking out are the several roadside stands offering various concoctions made from native huckleberries. The best are the huckleberry milk shakes that leave you wanting more. A worthy side trip is the nearby Hungry Horse Dam (406-387-5241) and the 34-mile-long Hungry Horse Reservoir. A road circling the reservoir provides easy access to many hiking areas in the nearby national forests and wilderness areas."
    Drive around Hungry Horse, Montana


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  • Info Please

  • "...The major Indian Wars (1867–1877) included the famous 1876 Battle of the Little Big Horn, better known as “Custer's Last Stand,” in which Cheyenne and Sioux defeated George A. Custer and more than 200 of his men in southeast Montana."
  • Wikipedia

  • "The state nickname is the "Treasure State." Other nicknames include "Land of Shining Mountains," "Big Sky Country," and the slogan "the last best place." The state ranks fourth in area, but 44th in population, and therefore has the third lowest population density in the United States. The economy is primarily based on agriculture and significant lumber and mineral extraction.[citation needed] Tourism is also important to the economy, with millions of visitors a year to Glacier National Park, the Battle of Little Bighorn site, and three of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park."


    -Native American

    St Paul Westlake Mission to Blackfoot Reservation, Montana

    "Check out St Paul Westlake's 2003 mission trip to Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Montana. More info on St. Paul Westlake church and school - . Also check out"


    "Montana Sky" by Whiteheart

    Natural Disasters

  • Tornado Tears Roof From Arena in Billings, Mont. Updated: 1 hour 20 minutes ago (Monday, June 21st 2010)

  • "
    Raw Video: Tornado Rips Off Arena Roof

    "Severe weather produces at least one tornado in Billings, Montana. The roof was ripped off the Rimrock Auto Arena at the Billings MetraPark event center. (June 21)"



    Life Links Family Camp 2010' - Hungry Horse Montana.


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  • Glacier National Park

  • *went here in 2002-"it felt like this might be a touch of Heaven"
    -Road Trip
    Montana Road Trip-Hungry Horse

    "Some friends from my local church in Morris take a scenic adventure through the beautiful mountains of Montana. We are nearing Hungry Horse..."
    Montana Road Trip - Speed Limit Reasonable & Prudent

    "This video shows the mountains along Interstate 90, and then US Highway 93 to Flathead Lake. My 100 MPH driving was toward the end of this video, on the flat land. All in all, I'd have to say that driving in Montana, was the best driving experience of my life. Not having to be constantly, watching the speedometer is good. (more) "


    Montana Road Trip-Hungry Horse

    101 Ways to Change the World
    "We believe every single person has the power to make a tremendous difference in our world. Too often we're just not sure what to do, how to help, or how or where to get started. These 101 ideas will propel you to get started, and then guide you as you move forward. No matter where you live; how much money you make (or don't make); whether you are healthy or sick; whether you are young or old; whether you are busy or have a lot of free time - YOU can make a difference! Take a minute and watch our exclusive flash movie. THANKS! You'll never be the same!"

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