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When I hear about Massachusets, I think about the city of Boston. Then when I hear about Boston, I think of the 80's sitcom t.v. show "Cheers" or the baseball team "Red Sox". I grew-up in the 80's watching Cheers, which was my favorite show growing up. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the actual Cheers bar when I visited Boston in 1998. I was there for the Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference (leadership) at Harvard University with college peers-Asian Student Association in 1998.

During the conference, we were able to tour the city. We went to the elegant, fancy, highly-sophistiated neighborhood community of Cambridge.

A Brief History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
" In 1630, a fleet of 11 ships carrying 700 passengers, set sail from England, bound for the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This dedicated band of Puritans hoped to build their community around a purer, more Biblical church...
Harvard College, one of the first colleges in America, was founded in 1636, to train young men for the ministry and for positions of leadership within the godly community."

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  • Massachusetts Churches, USA Church: List
  • World Revival Church

  • Boston Night of Worship (TW Ministries)

    "TW Ministries presents Boston Night of Worship on October 27th, 2007 at the World Revival Church at 6PM. Doors open at 4PM. Featuring over 30 different worship leaders. Script by Zenzo Geofrey and Jomo M. Nkunika. Edit/Graphics/Production by Min. Jomo (Impact Concepts Media/Jomofilms)"

    *see Bible



  • 'Human spirit' still alive in Boston,By Adam Aigner-Treworgy, CNN updated 10:53 PM EDT, Tue April 16, 2013

  • " Boston (CNN) -- In the hours after two explosions ripped through Boylston Street just feet from the finish line of Monday's Boston Marathon, people across the city rallied around each other, showing, as one runner said, "the human spirit is still alive."
    At a Starbucks across from the Westin Copley Place, a hotel filled with out-of-town marathoners, manager Sol Elta and his staff set up an impromptu feeding table offering free coffee and pastries to anyone walking by. The idea was sparked by a woman in Philadelphia who called the store and offered to donate $100 worth of coffee and pastries to people affected by the bombing.
    ....Luis Cuan and Jaime Herrera flew from Guadalajara, Mexico, to run the marathon, but were stopped just short of the finish line when the bombs went off. When the police diverted the two men away from the buses that carried their personal belongings, they were wearing only running clothes.
    "It was freezing," Cuan said. "But many people came out of their houses, some of them were filming us, but many of them were offering water, many of them were offering jackets. We both had pants and a jacket that were given to us just 'cause those people felt that we were in the need of some support." ...


  • Local Runner Recounts Boston Marathon Experience 17 Apr 13

  • "A local runner in the Boston Marathon says memories of the race may be tarnished by Monday’s bombing but the race will continue to be an important event for runners and the city.
    Jen L, of Cyrus, finished the race eight minutes before the first explosion. She recalled picking up her medal and a warming cape two blocks away from the finish line when she heard the blasts. Being a U.M.M. Police Lieutenant she knew what was happening immediately. She used a cell phone to call a member of the group cheering her that had been taking pictures in the area of the first blast. After finding she was not injured, the half dozen people in the Morris area group made their way to a pre-determined spot at a nearby park. Public transportation and cell phone service had been temporarily shut down and they were forced to walk back to their hotel four miles away.
    L was “amazed” by the immediate response of security and emergency response personnel considering all they had to do. She says the people in the city were “awesome” vowing to continue the race bigger and better than ever, saying “after all it is the Boston Marathon.” "

    *see Judging, Racism, etc..

  • Tea Party Nation Blames Boston Bombing On Obama, 'Radical Islam' Posted: 04/16/2013 5:37 pm EDT | Updated: 04/16/2013 5:53 pm EDT

  • "A right-wing Tea Party group blamed President Obama for the bombing in Boston on Monday and accused "radical Islam" of the attack.
    Tea Party Nation, a fringe group that associates itself loosely with the political Tea Party movement, made the claim on its website and in an email sent to members Tuesday, according to Right Wing Watch. (It's worth noting that Tea Party Nation is the only faction of the Tea Party movement classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.)
    The statement on the website claims these kind of terrorist attacks will happen again, sooner rather than later, because the enemy is determined, and because "we have a government that is not committed to protecting America." The statement goes on to say it's "a pretty safe bet right now that this attack was carried out by an Islamist. ... [O]ur government is not committed to destroying our enemy. Radical Islam is our enemy." ...

  • Boston bombing: Deval Patrick blames media for ‘scoop’ By KYLE CHENEY | 4/17/13 7:52 PM EDT

  • "Press reports indicating a suspect had been apprehended in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing – debunked Wednesday by the FBI – are the result of a scoop-hungry media grasping for news about the investigation, Gov. Deval Patrick said Wednesday.
    “To some extent, people are going to have to brace themselves for a certain amount of misinformation and rumors masquerading as news because everyone is so anxious to \ fill the time,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in an interview with POLITICO. “I think they’re hoping to get a scoop.” ...

  • The Definitive People Who Thought Chechnya was Czechs that Bomb, from

    STOP Stereotyping-Judging!!

  • The Pointless Stereotyping of the Boston Bombing Posted on April 23, 2013

  • "...The news of the Boston bombings and the capture of the two American citizens of Chechen background has been a tragedy as well as a powerful symbol of what we all really think. After checking out the digital witch hunt that was unfolding on I found that there was a live Boston emergency services broadcast available online. Strangely, after checking it out after the murder of an MIT Police Officer the radio chatter turned to a car jack....


  • Falsely Identified ‘Boston Bomber’ Found Dead In River,

  • "'One of the individuals identified by 4chan users as a possible Boston bombing accomplice has been found dead in the Providence River.
    “Police in Providence pulled a man’s body from the Providence River on Tuesday, and authorities said it is “very possible” that it is Sunil Tripathi, 22, a former Brown University student who has been missing since mid-March,” reports the Boston Globe.
    Tripathi’s possible connection to the Boston bombing was first raised by users of the 4chan website when it was pointed out that his image bore a similarity to one of the suspects first named by the FBI who later turned out to be Dzhokhar A ......

    New Pictures Purport To Show Tsarnaev Brothers Engaged In Firefight With Police - Witness does not describe elder suspect being run over Steve Watson April 23, 2013

    " A report in the UK Daily Mail states that the carjack victim, who is keeping a low profile, was a Chinese national, and that he believes that was the reason the suspects did not kill him. Yet neither the fully clothed man, nor the naked man in the pictures above look particularly Chinese "

    Did the FBI phone Boston suspect before fatal shootout? ,Sunday, April 21st 2013

  • 'We got him!' Wounded fugitive marathon 'bomber' captured after he was found hiding in a BOAT in backyard of Boston home. Cops use flash-bang grenades to flush him out" By Louise Boyle, James Nye, Simon Tomlinson and Jill Reilly PUBLISHED: 22:21 EST, 18 April 2013 | UPDATED: 11:22 EST, 20 April 2013

  • "Authorities are still holding the three people in custody in New Bedford, Massachusetts, 65 miles south of the city, the Boston Globe reports. It is unknown how they were connected to the case. At least seven IEDs were found, some in Watertown and some at a home in Cambridge, which police made safe.
    Up until the younger man's capture, it was looking like a grim day for police. As night fell, they announced that they were scaling back the hunt because they had come up empty-handed. ...
    The 26-year-old had a profile on YouTube channel since August 2012. Five months ago, Tamerlan created a playlist dedicated to terrorism. Named simply ‘Terrorists,’ the playlist included a pair of videos, which are now no longer available. Although most of the clips in the channel are ordinary music videos, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s YouTube channel shows signs that he had been drawn to radical Islamism. Among the songs on his playlists was one called ‘I will dedicate my life to Jihad.' He also featured videos recorded by recent converts to Islam.
    A friend of the brothers told CNN that he had known them since 2006 and they were 'normal kids' who partied and occasionally smoked. A classmate told CBS that Dzhokhar did not have an accent and that he assumed he had always lived in the U.S. ...
    The father of the suspects said that his son Dzhokhar was a smart and accomplished young man. Anzor Tsarnaev spoke by telephone from the Russian city of Makhachkala on Friday.
    Anzor Tsarnaev said: 'My son is a true angel. Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy. We expected him to come on holidays here.'
    The father said that his sons had been framed for the bombing in Boston. ...

  • As manhunt ends, new questions emerge in Boston bombings 2:16 PM, Apr 20, 2013 | 5 comments (Saturday, April 20th 2013)

  • "But their roots were in a side of the world with much more political instability than their new homeland. "Why people go to America? You know why," their father, Anzor Tsarnaev, told the Associated Press in an interview from Russia, where he lives now....
  • Boston Bombers: Role of CIA in Chechen Terror Islamic terror from Caucasus next phase of plan to undermine our liberty , Kurt Nimmo April 19, 2013

  • "Narrative now emerging in the Boston Marathon bombing is that the perpetrators are from Chechnya or a nearby region and the attacks are a product of Islamic terrorism. “The Chechen jihadi network is very extensive,” the neocon Walid Phares told Fox News. “They have a huge network inside Russia and Chechnya.” “They could well be supported by a significant international network,” warned Bush era neocon and former United Nations ambassador, John Bolton.
    Fox points to a George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute report issued in 2010 that says Chechnya is seen by “jihadi theoreticians” as place where “fighting is not only legitimate but also compulsory.” The report also claims noted Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov attempted to align the insurgency “with the global jihadist narrative” and supported the idea of an “Islamic emirate in the Caucasus.”
    Fox predictably omits important facts as it works to establish a new radical Islamic threat – primarily that the so-called insurgency in Chechnya was largely a covert CIA initiative. Rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab were trained and indoctrinated in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, notes Michel Chossudovsky. Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) played a key role in organizing and training the Chechen rebel army. The ISI also played an instrumental role in supporting the Afghan Mujahideen, a Muslim paramilitary force that would eventually mature under the guiding hand of the CIA et al into the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
    The British MI6 asset Abu Qatada raised money for the Chechnya jihad and the notorious Finsbury Park mosque imam Abu Hamza al-Masri – an informer for two British security services in London – raised funds for both the jihad in Chechnya and bin Laden’s Darunta camp in Afghanistan.
    The CIA also worked to destabilize the Balkans, a fact documented by the media in Europe but largely ignored in the United States. The effort to convert the Balkans into a “safe haven” for fanatical jihadists was aided by the CIA and the Pentagon. In 1993, CIA asset Osama bin Laden reportedly installed his number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, to run the organization’s operations in the Balkans.
    Despite all the evidence the United States, Britain, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia orchestrated efforts to undermine the Soviet Union – not only during its occupation of Afghanistan, but also in the Soviet Union’s Muslim states – and spread radical Sunni conflict throughout the region, we will be expected to believe brothers Anzor and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are part of a renewed effort by an international al-Qaeda to attack America. The effort by the CIA to shepherd this fanatical movement will, of course, be omitted.
    This will be the narrative broadcast in the coming days by the establishment media. In response to this supposedly renewed effort by al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Chechnya, we will be expected to consent or at least passively acquiesce to the next phase of police state intrusion on our liberties.
    This article was posted: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 11:42 am Tags: constitution, domestic news

  • Bomb Suspects' Dad Calls on Son to Surrender, By BIANNA GOLODRYGA and CHRISTINA NG | Good Morning America – 18 hours ago.. (Saturday, April 20th 2013

  • "...Asked what he wanted to tell his son, Anzor Tsarnaev said, "Tell police everything. Everything. Just be honest." ....Give up. Give up. You have a bright future ahead of you. Come home to Russia," the dad said.
    The father warned, however, "If they killed him, then all hell would break loose."
    If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News.
    Someone, some organization is out to get them." Anzor Tsarnaev said that his sons were "set up" and that they are "very nice kids" who have no experience with weapons and explosives. ...
    Profiles of the brothers give a conflicting picture.
    The older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was described as an outgoing person who was a champion boxer, a "decent" pianist, drove a Mercedes and liked the movie "Borat." But in captions on an undated boxing photo album operated by photographer Johannes Hirn, Tamerlan Tsarnaev said, "I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them." ...
    Before he was taken into custody, the younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was described as willing to die in a battle with police. But he was better known for taking acting classes, advanced placement courses and being a star athlete with lots of friends in high school. ....
    One of the most surprising details about the younger Tsarnaev brother is the revelation that he became a U.S. citizen last year on 9/11, the anniversary of the worst terror attack in U.S. history. ....

  • Bomb suspects' NJ sister 'heartbroken,' skeptical By SAMANTHA HENRY | Associated Press – 10 hrs ago.. . (Saturday, April 20th 2013)

  • "WEST NEW YORK, N.J. (AP) — The FBI on Friday removed a computer from the New Jersey home of a sister of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Police said she was cooperating with the investigation and was "heartbroken, surprised and upset," though she told reporters she wasn't sure the accusations against her brothers were true. ...
    "He was a great person," the woman said of her dead brother. "I thought I knew him. I never would have expected that from him. He is a kind and loving man. The cops took his life away just the same way he took others' lives away, if that's even true. At the end of the day, no one knows the truth." ..... "

    Stay Safe People’: Here Is The Fugitive Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Twitter Account Adrian Chen View Profile
  • Al Sharpton: John King's 'Dark-Skinned Male' Comments 'Shameful' (VIDEO) The Huffington Post | By Jack Mirkinson Posted: 04/18/2013

  • Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Muslim Woman Attacked After Conservatives Repeat False Speculation About ‘Dark-Skinned Suspects’ By Adam Peck on Apr 19, 2013 at 3:30 pm
    "It didn’t take long after the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday for the internet’s most irresponsible figures to begin pointing fingers — without a shred of evidence — at several dark-skinned “suspects” seen in surveillance videos and miscellaneous photographs.
    On Wednesday, the far-right’s Islamophobic online fear mongering spilled, tragically, into the real world: A Palestinian woman said she was assaulted and aggressively harassed while walking with her infant daughter and friend near Malden Center late Wednesday morning, in an apparent hate crime motivated by Monday’s attack at the Boston Marathon.

    Malden resident Heba Abolaban said she and her friend, both wearing hijabs, were walking with their children on Commercial Street when a man forcefully punched her left shoulder and began shouting at them. “He was screaming ‘F___ you Muslims! You are terrorists! I hate you! You are involved in the Boston explosions! F___ you!’ “ At the time of Abolaban’s attack on Wednesday afternoon, no suspects had been publicly identified by the FBI or Boston Police. But conservatives ranging from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association to radical Islamophobe Pamela Geller were already assigning blame to Middle Eastern “suspects” after the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post falsely reported that a Saudi national was being held for questioning. That same evening, a Bangladeshi man says he was also targeted outside a Bronx diner after his attackers called him a “fucking Arab.”

    By Thursday, authorities revealed the photos of two Chechen Muslim males as the suspects, one of whom has since been killed following a police chase, the other who is still at large in the Boston suburbs. Neither are from the Middle East.
    This is not the first time Muslim Americans have been subjected to attacks following a terrorist event in the United States. For the weeks after the attacks on September 11th, Muslims were the victims of more than 450 hate crimes, and during the debate over the Park51 Islamic Center, mosques around the country were targeted by anti-Muslim bigots.

  • . FBI releases photos of two men considered ‘persons of interest’ in marathon bombings .By Jason Sickles, Yahoo! | The Lookout – 1 hr 15 mins ago. (Thursday, April 18th 2013)

  • ""

  • Saudi student hurt in Boston bombing not a suspect, not being deported By Julian Pecquet and Jordy Yager - 04/18/13 03:11 PM ET

  • "A Saudi student questioned in connection to the bombing of the Boston Marathon is not being deported, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a House panel Thursday. “I am unaware of anyone who is being deported for national security concerns at all related to Boston. I don’t know where that rumor came from,” Napolitano said. Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa. The first Saudi student is not a suspect in the Boston bombings but was hospitalized after the attack and questioned. Authorities also searched his apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston. The second student, who was arrested for an administrative immigration violation, has not been charged with a crime and is not believed to have any connection with the bombing, according to an administration official. “These rumors are wrong,” a White House official said. “This is a totally different individual who is not the individual that was questioned in connection with Boston. And this individual is in custody for reasons unrelated to Boston.” Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) asked Napolitano about whether the wounded student was being deported at a budget hearing on Thursday. Duncan argued that the administration was committing a grave mistake by deporting someone who was a witness to the bombing. “I want them to do their job and that’s why I say, wouldn’t you agree with me that it’s negligent for us as an American administration to deport someone who was reportedly at the scene of the bombing. And we’re going to deport him, not to be able to question him anymore. Is that not negligent?” Napolitano said Duncan’s question was based on reports that were not true and that her office would give him the real story. “I’m not going to answer that question. It is so full of misstatements and misapprehensions that it’s just not worthy of an answer,” she responded. “There has been so much reported on this that’s wrong, I can’t even begin to tell you congressman. We will provide you with accurate information as it becomes available.” An administration official told The Hill that ICE officers have arrested a Saudi student in the Boston area for violating his visa by failing to sign up for school. But this is not the same student who was injured in the attack and who has been the subject of numerous published reports since the Monday bombings that killed three people and injured more than 170. Suggestions that a Saudi witness to the attack was being deported took on new life after reports of a meeting between President Obama, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir at the White House on Wednesday, a meeting that was not initially on the president's schedule. Obama was joining a meeting led by National Security Adviser Tom Donilon that focused on the steps ahead in Syria, according to the White House. The confluence of events fueled suspicion among people with misgivings about the U.S.-Saudi relationship. A Saudi royal, Prince Sultan bin Fahd, and several members of his entourage were able to quickly leave the country after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with the help of U.S. law enforcement. There have been several incorrect reports about the Boston bombings, including news stories on Wednesday that an arrest had been made. Authorities so far have released no suspects and made no arrests. "
  • False report: Boston bombing suspect not in custody after being ID'd by video, police sources say By Denise Lavoie Associated PressAssociated Press Posted: 04/17/2013 11:01:13 AM PDT

  • "BOSTON -- A suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has been taken into custody, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation says.
    The official was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Wednesday. The official says the suspect is expected in federal court in Boston.
    The official spoke shortly after several media outlets reported that a suspect had been identified from surveillance video taken at a Lord & Taylor store between the two bomb blasts.
    An official news briefing was scheduled later Wednesday.
    Law enforcement agencies had earlier pleaded for the public to come forward with photos, videos or any information that might help them solve the twin bombings that killed three people and wounded more than 170 on Monday.
    Investigators circulated information about the bombs, which involved kitchen pressure cookers packed with explosives, nails and other lethal shrapnel. But the FBI said nobody had claimed ...

  • Boston Marathon bombings: Suburban apartment searched - CBS ... 3 days ago – Boston Marathon bombings: Suburban apartment searched ... => FBI seeks images in Boston Marathon bomb probe; new details emerge on explosives CBS/AP/ April 16, 2013, 8:00 PM

  • Marathon Bombings: Suburban Apartment Searched 7:13 AM, Apr 16, 2013
    "WBZ-TV reported Monday night that police were searching an apartment in Revere, a suburb, as part of the investigation into the blasts. Massachusetts State Police confirmed that a search warrant was served but provided no further details, Associated Press said. The FBI will hold a news conference at 9:30 a.m. ET Tuesday....

    *use discernment (see CNN article,similar to 9-11-01??)

    FBI's Boston Bombing False Flag - A CLOSER LOOK!

    "In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV takes a closer look at the official narrative of the Boston bombing cover-up espoused by the mainstream media and government officials. Clearly, there have been many holes and changes to the official narrative over the past few days and we now know Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not armed at the shootout in Watertown according to officials. Also, there has been zero follow-up on the involvement of what appears to be government contracted agents from Craft International. Was the late Chris Kyle's company Craft International directly involved in the bombing itself or simply staged to look that way? The American people deserve answers and there is enough corroborating evidence and probable cause to justify a third-party investigation of this tragic event.
    For more information and source material, please visit: [BOSTON COVER-UP PLAYLIST by AMTV] [LINKS] Glenn Beck conspiracy theory: What's his evidence? Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Reportedly Unarmed When Arrested In Boat, Officials Say (VIDEO) Watertown shooting - Boston terrorists - Boston marathon Police and FBI Comb Watertown for Bombing Suspect Saudi 'Person Of Interest' Is Osama Bin Laden's Son (VIDEO) Rachel Maddow Rips Alex Jones (Infowars) Conspiracy Theories On Bos Red Alert! AP Ties To Boston Bombing! Bomb suspect influenced by mysterious radical (VIDEO) FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano
    Operation Northwoods (Wikipedia) Craft International (Recently assassinated Chris Kyle's website) Boston Bombing: Third Man With Craft International Ops Carrying TWO Bags / Others quickly Leave N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Constitution 'must change' to give government more power It's privacy versus cybersecurity as CISPA bill arrives in Senate Sequester, tight budgets means DHS buying less ammunition


    Glen Beck Gives Obama till Monday to admit Boston was an inside Job

  • Boston runners were warned: Squamish man Heiliger 'stunned' by explosions, but escapes injury in marathon finish-line blasts [Email Story] [Print Story] [Increase Font Size] [Decrease Font Size] [Reset Font Size] , April 15, 2013 Ben Lypka

  • "Runners getting set to take part in the Boston Marathon were warned beforehand that they were going to die, said a Squamish resident who took part in the race. Two people were killed and more than 130 were injured when two explosions rocked the finish-line area of the famed, 42.2-kilometre running event on Monday (April 15). Mike Heiliger, 59, said a woman holding several bags was telling runners who were picking up their pre-race packages in downtown Boston on Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die if they participated in the event.
    “I was downtown on Saturday and you know, you see these people on the street and think it's just some nutbar,” he told The Chief from his Boston hotel on Monday. “It was a little creepy because you can identify who the runners are and I heard her say to this runner two feet away from me that, 'If you run tomorrow you're going to die.'” At the time, Heiliger said he thought about telling the woman that the race was Monday, but decided not to correct her. Heiliger was in the process of calling the police after his conversation with The Chief. “I thought it was just a nut and maybe she was a nut but she was holding a couple of bags like she just got off a plane and was accosting runners on Saturday,” he said. The Squamish resident was one of a group of about 15 runners from the North Shore and he said they're all fine. “We all run in a run club and as far as I know all of our people are OK,” he said. “Some of them didn't get to finish, unfortunately, because when the bomb went off — that was it. They [race officials] stopped everybody.”... Heiliger finished the race in 3:29:51 and was making his way back to his hotel when the explosions went off. “I was just coming to the hotel and I heard all these sirens,” he said. “But you're in a big city and when you hear sirens you think nothing of it.” It was the fourth time Heiliger had raced in Boston and said the scene was disturbing. “I'm just stunned right now,” he said. “It's a terrible situation. Boston has really embraced this race, they really get up for this thing and they're so friendly. For something like this to happen it's mind boggling.” He said whoever set up the explosions had put some thought into it. “Whoever did this knew what they were doing,” he said. “They knew where to put it where the most people were.” Despite the disastrous day, Heiliger said the tragedy will not dampen his enthusiasm for the race. “I think I would still come back to Boston,” he said. “I bet security will be insane from here on in but I take the attitude that if you stay away, you let the crazies win. Time will tell what comes of this. This is huge. They [locals] want to hang someone out on the streets.” For updates on this developing story, check back with or see this week's print edition of The Chief."

  • You Tube Censors Family Guy Episode that Predicted Boston Marathon Attack Media floats erroneous claim that issue is an “abhorrent hoax” Paul Joseph Watson April 16, 2013

  • 'Family Guy' Boston Marathon bombing clip is an Internet hoax by John Mitchell
    "A clip purporting to be from a March 17 episode of Fox’s animated comedy Family Guy was edited to suggest the show depicted the bombing of the Boston Marathon, representatives for the show have confirmed to EW.
    "The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims,” show creator Seth Macfarlane tweeted today.
    In the edited clip, the show’s lead character Peter Griffin appears to use a cell phone to detonate two explosions after being asked how he won the event. The video began to gain traction online today after a right-wing conspiracy website ran the clip, claiming the episode had predicted the attack.
    (It’s worth noting that a reporter from this same site asked Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick during a press conference last night if the bombing was a “another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets.”)
    The scenes appeared separately in the Family Guy episode, titled “Turban Cowboy,” and were not connected in the show’s plot line as the viral video suggests. "

  • Government

    -U.S. Senator
    Edward Kennedy dies at 77

    "Sen. Edward Kennedy died at his home after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. CNN's Dana Bash reports."

  • Ted Kennedy called a man of quiet faith, updated 1:41 p.m. EDT, Fri August 28, 2009

  • "(CNN) -- Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy didn't wear his faith on his sleeve, but those close to him say Catholicism was much more than an ethnic and cultural identity.
    Kennedy's family chose Boston's Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as the Mission Church, for his funeral Mass on Saturday. The church held a special significance for the senator because he prayed there every day when his daughter, Kara, was diagnosed with cancer.
    Kennedy died Tuesday night after a 15-month battle with brain cancer. He was 77, and had represented Massachusetts in the Senate since 1962.
    The Rev. Gerry Creedon, a priest at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church near Washington, counseled Kennedy for more than 30 years. He was chosen to deliver the opening prayer at Friday night's "Celebration of Life" memorial service.
    Asked if he considered Kennedy a religious man, Creedon said, "Very much so." Watch more on the role of faith in Kennedy's life »
    Kennedy not only attended Sunday Mass, Creedon said, but also sought him out to discuss the tenets of Catholicism.
    "Most people sat there either disagreeing with me or sleeping. I'd walk out of church, and Ted Kennedy would come up to me and continue the theme I was preaching on," he said.
    Kennedy came from a famously Catholic family. His brother, John F. Kennedy, was the first Catholic to be elected president of the United States.
    Ted Kennedy often said it was his mother's Catholic faith that guided his family's political agenda. He used Scripture in his push to end poverty and discrimination.
    "My favorite parts of the Bible were always Matthew 25 through 35: I was hungry and you gave me to eat, and thirsty and you gave me to drink," Kennedy said at Esperanza's Hispanic Prayer breakfast in 2007.
    But his support for abortion rights flew in the face of the Catholic credo.
    "I think he would wish that he could have found a middle ground, a common ground with our church institution," Creedon said, acknowledging that Kennedy's stance on the issue was problematic with the church. "He received a lot of critique. I prayed for him at Mass yesterday morning, and I got an e-mail saying you scandalized the faithful by praying for Ted Kennedy."
    Creedon said Kennedy often came to him for spiritual guidance during well-publicized low points in his life.
    Don't Miss After Kennedy's death: Silence from the pope Kennedy remembered as an advocate for all And in his final year, too ill to go to church, Kennedy asked Creedon to come give communion at home -- and never asked others to pray for him.
    "When it came to the prayers of the faithful, [that] is the time normally people make petitions. ... He never made a petition, but he always had two or three prayers of thanksgiving, gratitude," Creedon said.
    One of the last letters Kennedy wrote in July was to Pope Benedict XVI. President Obama personally delivered the note when he visited the Vatican last month.
    Neither the senator's aides nor the Vatican would disclose what the letter said "

    *see Religious: Catholic


  • Miracle Jesus

  • HEALING in Boston - Milagre em Boston USA

    HEALING in Boston - Milagre em Boston USA from miraclejesus1 on GodTube.

    "a coluna da senhora foi curada,e depois ela deu seu testemunho em portugues. English translated to Portuguese. Healing of a woman in Boston USA The prayer is first then the testimony follows. The testimony is in Portuguese and the English follows. The testimonyis recorded in the next meeting."


    Dwight L. Moody. Shoe Store in Boston.

    "This is the very spot of the Shoe Store where D.L.Moody worked and was converted to God. Este e o exato lugar da sapataria onde Moody trabalhava e se converteu a Deus. The sign says: D.L.Moody Christian Evangelist. Friend of man. Founder of the Norhtfield Schools. Was converted to god in a Shoe Store on this site. April 21,1855. A placa diz: D.L.moody Evangelista Cristao. Amigo dos homens. Fundador das Escolas / Colegios de Northfield. Foi convertido a Deus em uma sapataria neste lugar. Abril 21,1855"
    *see evangelism

  • A Tour of Massachusetts History and Trivia
  • Wikipedia

  • "...The Pilgrims from the Humber region of England originally landed at what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts. In 1620, they established their settlement at Plymouth after scouting the coastline, arriving on the Mayflower. One of their first tasks was to form a new government. One that would be implicit of their tumultuous journey and their hopes for a better life in their new home..."
    *see Thanksgiving


    Boston Missions Trip 2007, Chi Alpha OSU

    'This is a recap video of what we did and some fun we had while on a missions trip to Lynn, MA, just north of Boston."

    Natural Disasters


  • 4 reported dead after tornadoes in Mass. By STEPHEN SINGER, Associated Press Stephen Singer, Associated Press – 4 mins ago

  • Massachusetts tornadoes kill at least 4 By the CNN Wire Staff June 1, 2011 10:22 p.m. EDT

  • "(CNN) -- At least two confirmed tornadoes descended upon towns in western Massachusetts on Wednesday, leaving at least four dead and smashing homes and buildings across a 40-mile stretch, state officials and witnesses reported.
    One person was killed in Springfield, two in nearby Westfield and one in Brimfield, about 20 miles east, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick told reporters Wednesday night.
    The storms struck shortly after 4 p.m. in Springfield, about 90 miles west of Boston. Dylan McDonald told CNN he watched the tornado knock down trees and scatter debris across town as he was driving with a co-worker.
    "As the light turned green, a tree fell and everything took off," McDonald said. "We saw a roof fly off an apartment building. The car was tilting, but didn't turn over."
    As many as 19 communities reported tornado damage Wednesday evening, Patrick said. The governor declared a state of emergency as the storm system that spawned those twisters moved east, with watches posted all the way to the Atlantic coast until late Wednesday.
    "It's been particularly devastating in downtown Springfield," Patrick said. And he said a local official told him, "You have to see Monson to believe it."
    Monson resident Dolly Opper said state police were setting up roadblocks around the town, and a neighbor described the town's center as "war zone."
    "I haven't been home," she said. "The steeple's off the church across the street. It's lying right in the front yard."
    At J.T.'s Sports Pub, on Springfield's Main Street, owner Keith Makarowski said he and the 10 or so patrons intially went outside to watch the darkening skies -- then retreated as the storm blew into downtown.
    "There was a ton of debris flying around, lots of roof shingles and random siding," Makarowski said. Several century-old buildings were damaged -- "roofs torn off, facades ravaged, trees uprooted" -- and a woman across the street was blown up against a building after being caught outside.
    "Luckily, two people from inside the building were able to pull her in, and she seemed like she was OK," Makarowski said.
    Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Michael Popovics said Springfield, Monson, Westfield and seven other towns -- Agawam, Charlton, Oxford, Palmer, Sturbridge, West Springfield and Wilbraham -- reported severe damage. Sandra Ahearn, a spokeswoman for the Western Massachusetts Electric Co., said 12,000 customers were without power in the utility's service area and that hard-hit areas might not have electricity until the end of the week.
    Patrick said he has mobilized 1,000 National Guard troops to assist with cleanup and search-and-rescue operations. The Massachusetts State Police said it had activated dog teams to look for people in damaged buildings and described many streets in Springfield as "impassable" due to fallen power lines and trees.
    The damage came amid a wave of heavy thunderstorms that moved through the Northeast on Wednesday afternoon. Tornado watches were also issued for northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine until 11 p.m. Wednesday.
    Though not as tornado-prone as much of the Midwest or South, Massachusetts has averaged two to three twisters per year since 1950, according to figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In 1953, a massive tornado that struck Worcester and nearby towns killed 90 people, according to NOAA; the last tornado to hit the state was in 2008.
    CNN's Jennifer Westhoven, Anna Gonzalez, Matt Smith, Leigh Remizowski, Julia Talanova and Sean Morris contributed to this report."



  • Harvard University

  • Harvard Campus Tour 98'

    "I take a little tour of the campus in early Saturday morning. I was there for a national college student conference (Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference). It's such a beautiful historical campus! "
    Harvard Campus Tour 98' Part II
    *see Asian Student Association 97'-98' Experience:
    Cultural Performances during the conference-Chinese "Mulan" Folklore Dance
    Today in History: September 14
    "...On September 14, 1638, John Harvard, a 31-year-old clergyman from Charlestown, Massachusetts died, leaving his library and half of his estate to a local college. The young minister's bequest allowed the college to firmly establish itself. In honor of its first benefactor, the school adopted the name Harvard College...."
    Tour from Visitors, on
    Harvard University classroom and campus, from



    Harvard's Jeremy Lin Highlights

    "Harvard guard Jeremy Lin basketball highlights from the non-conference schedule of 2009-10. Games against UConn, Boston College, Seattle, Boston Univ., Georgetown, Holy Cross, William & Mary are included for the Bob Cousy and Wooden Award Finalist.
    Jeremy, also a finalist for the John R. Wooden Award as the nation's top player, torches everyone. Vote today at "

    Harvard students excited over Jeremy Lin NECN|Added on February 15, 2012

    "Jeremy Lin is showing Harvard University students that you can have brains and athletic prowess. NECN reports."
    *see Asian



  • Boston Red Sox

  • Fenway Park

    " took a tour of Fenway Park in May of 2004 and put this slideshow together. Who knew that would be the year! Go Sox!!! (more) "
    Related Sites:
    Faith binds many on Sox Evangelical Christians give sport a spiritual context By Bob Hohler, Globe Staff | August 31, 2005
    "They gathered in a makeshift house of God -- a brick-walled retreat in Fenway Park otherwise reserved for postgame interviews -- and prayed for dead and dying loved ones. They prayed for American troops in hot spots abroad. And for the poor souls in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

    As the Sunday baseball crowd streamed into the park less than an hour before the defending world champions played their 128th game of the season, a dozen members of the Red Sox -- the largest group of evangelical Christians on any team in Major League Baseball -- joined an equal number of coaches and staffers in sharing a bond of faith that is fast becoming the stuff of national renown among religious figures in sports.
    The service was conducted by the Rev. Walt Day of Baseball Chapel, a ministry that provides all 30 major league teams with a chaplain. Moments earlier, Day had turned a stuffy storage room in the visitors clubhouse into a chapel for five Detroit Tigers.
    Similar contrasts in the size of the Sox congregations and others have seized the attention of baseball chaplains across the country.
    ''Without question, chapel attendance among the Red Sox has been far and away more than any of the major league teams over the last two years," said Vince Nauss, president of Baseball Chapel.
    Trot Nixon, Mike Timlin, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Curt Schilling, Doug Mirabelli, Bill Mueller, Matt Clement, John Olerud, Mike Myers, Tony Graffanino, Chad Bradford: Each Sox player considers himself an evangelical Christian who believes in the sacred authority of the Bible and the promise of Jesus Christ as his savior.
    ''In terms of coming to Bible study and chapel, this team has more guys involved than any team I've ever been with," said Olerud, who has played for five teams over 17 seasons in the majors.
    The evangelical Sox believe in sharing the ''good news" of their faith, as they demonstrated after their remarkable comeback last October when they climbed out of a three-game chasm against the Yankees in the American League Championship Series and swept the Cardinals in the World Series.
    ''I wanted to be able to glorify God's name when all was said and done," Schilling proclaimed after he won Game 2 of the World Series while bleeding through his sock because of an experimental medical procedure that enabled him to pitch with a dislocated ankle tendon.
    Win or lose, Schilling and his fellow evangelicals said, the message remains the same.
    ''This is our platform, our place to speak our faith and live our faith," Timlin said. ''This is a special gift from God, to play baseball, and if we can spread God's word by doing that, then we've almost fulfilled our calling."Continued...

    STV Interview with J.D. Drew



  • Cheers

  • Cheers, 1982-1998 sitcom show on NBC (
    "Sam Malone, a former baseball star, is the head of a nice little bar where Norm, Cliff, Dr. Frasier and all the other regular customers spend together a few hours every day, talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws, trying to be there when someone else needs them. "Cheers" is the place where everybody knows your name.."
    Cheers theme song

    Opening of TV show Cheers

  • The Best Western Lord Wakefield 595 North Avenue, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 01880-1685, US Phone: 781-245-6100 or 1-800-780-7234 Fax: 781-245-2904; is centrally located between Boston, Salem and Lexington-Concord Historic sites on the shores of Lake Quannapowitt.

  • *$69 for the weekend (3/16-3/17) referred by, hotels, resorts, etc..

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