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Indiana Jones and the Word of God - Today's Christian Videos

Indiana Jones and the Word of God from stand4truth1 on GodTube.

Testimony at Indiana State Gideon's Convention - Today's Christian Videos

Testimony at Indiana State Gideon's Convention from ronc1 on GodTube.



College Choir Sing GORGEOUS Performance of Give Me Jesus on Plane - Inspirational Videos

College Choir Sing GORGEOUS Performance of Give Me Jesus on Plane from hulahan on GodTube.

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All Pro Dad event in Indianapolis, Indiana - Saturday September 17, 2011 - Ministry Videos

All Pro Dad event in Indianapolis, Indiana - Saturday September 17, 2011 from sports_spectrum on GodTube.


Coach Tony Dungy - Indianapolis Colts - Today's Christian Videos

Coach Tony Dungy - Indianapolis Colts from drmerillat on GodTube.

=>Super Bowl 2012 Host City (Indianapolis)


  • 10 Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials February 6, 2012 at 12:51 pm

  • Pepsi 2012 Illuminati Breakdown Super Bowl Commercial

    'Watch this breakdown of the Illuminati Symbolism used in the Pepsi 2012 Superbowl Commercial. Logical Proof there is a God:** Nothing can come from nothing. Something must come from something. Something cannot come from nothing. You think therefore you exist. Existence is something. The universe (time/space) is something. The universe must have come from something. That something must be Above time/space. The Source is thus Eternal and Infinite. The Source is God. The most important commandment of all the prophets, that which separated them from the polytheists, was Monotheism. They all preached that there is only One God. The same goes for Jesus, peace be upon him. He prayed to God and bowed down to Him. ....
    The Message is clear - worship The Creator - not the creation, and do good deeds, and you will be rewarded with Eternal Paradise. If God gave us this life, certainly He has The Power to raise us from the dead and give us another. This life is a test, the Next Life is the True Life. It is up to you to decide which path to take. Peace be upon you all"


    s Super Bowl 2012 - Mike Stockwell - "You Need a Savior"

    "Mike Stockwell preached his 2nd open air of the day on the Friday before the Super Bowl in Indianapolis Indiana. Mike preach and pleaded for sinners to repent and trust the Savior so they could be forgiven of all their sins."

    ->Half Time

    Super Bowl Illuminati Half Time 2012 Breakdown - Madonna

    Natural Disasters



    Tornado victim died protecting wife CNN Newsroom|Added on March 3, 2012

    "CNN's Susan Candiotti profiles Henryville's only fatality, a retiree who lost his life protecting his wife at their home."
    'We all stick together' in Henryville CNN|Added on March 4, 2012

    "CNN's Joe Carter reports on a massive storm's aftermath in Henryville, Indiana."

  • Churches aid recovery in storm-hit town By Eric Marrapodi and Athena Jones, CNN

  • "Henryville, Indiana (CNN)– Church members held hands as they prayed among the pews at Henryville Community Church on Sunday morning.
    "One week ago, we prayed, 'God use us in some way,' " pastor Rich Cheek said as he led the congregation in prayer.
    "This morning, so many of you have lost everything," Cheek said, his voice cracking with emotion. "We asked God to use us, and he did."
    Outside, a forklift off-loaded pallets of dry goods and bottles of water from a tractor-trailer. The church recreation center and basement have become a clearinghouse for supplies brought in from nearby Louisville, Kentucky, and trucked in by tractor-trailers from Convoys of Hope, a relief agency from Springfield, Missouri.
    Henryville Community Church had almost no damage from Friday's violent storms. It sits just north of the path of the deadly storm.
    Pallets of water await distribution at Henryville Community Church.
    The school next door, which housed preschool through 12th grade, is in ruins. Across the road, the neighborhood is a tangled mess of 2x4s, metal siding and the remains of family homes.
    Henryville Community Presbyterian Church, a half mile up the road, lost its roof and stained-glass windows, and pews were upended across the sanctuary.
    CNN's Belief Blog – all the faith angles to the day's top stories
    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, just east of the school, has also become a staging ground for rescue workers and media briefings.
    “Everything I do in my life beyond my family and my church is in that building, and now it’s all gone,” said Vicki Hornine, a St. Francis parishioner and preschool teacher. “That part of me is very broken inside, but I’m not going to let anyone see that. I’m going to fix that broken part, and we’re going to be OK and that starts first right here with my faith. It will pull me together so I have strength to fix that."
    Her church suffered minimal damage.
    “We can see only our own anguish and grief– or we can see the opportunity to join hands and hearts with others to uplift and to inspire,” Rev. Steven Schaftlein at St. Francis Catholic Church told his congregants on Sunday morning. “We can choose despair, or we can choose hope. We can choose to do nothing, or we can choose to do everything and live everything and be renewed in everything.”
    Before the service at Henryville Community Church began, youth pastor Shawn Kelly directed relief efforts while his 10-year-old tended a small campfire of debris.
    "The hand of God was on us. We didn't get any damage," he said.
    "We need volunteers to sort," Kelly said, standing in the fluorescent lights of the church recreation center. Bags of clothes were stacked up across the basketball foul line, and a suit rested on a hanger from the rim of one of the basketball hoops.
    "We've had tons of donations, tons of volunteers. We just need people to know we're here," Kelly said.
    On Saturday, 200 volunteers showed up at Kelly’s church, more than doubling the membership of 80.
    "It's starting to get to me," said Robin Hill, a board member at the Henryville Community Church, choking back tears.
    The iconic image of this twister - a mangled school bus embedded in the side of a restaurant - has a personal connection for her. Her parents, McKee and "Teenny" Munk, opened the small cafe decades ago. "The ironic thing is, my dad drove a school bus for Henryville for 55 years," Hill said.
    Her mother saw her old restaurant on the national news from Florida.
    "It's a material thing, as long as no one was hurt," Hill said her mother told her by phone Saturday.
    McKee Munk, who passed away two years ago, also held the scoring record for the Henryville Hornets basketball team for years. From the parking lot at Henryville Community Church, you can see into the school gym. The storm sheared off one of the gym's walls.
    School officials made the decision to let students out early Friday when the storm warnings came in. Joe Sullivan from the National Weather Service office in Louisville said on Saturday that decision prevented what could have been "scores of fatalities" here.
    Henryville Community Presbyterian Church lost its roof in a Friday tornado.
    Along the streets near the church, the destruction stretches for blocks and blocks.
    At Henryville Community and St. Francis Xavier, the members sang “Amazing Grace,” many wiping tears.
    "We have so much to be grateful for," Cheek said during his sermon. “Why did this happen? I don't care. It did, and we have an opportunity to make a difference.”
    CNN’s Dana Garrett and Chris Welch contributed to this report Eric Marrapodi - CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor"

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