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"California Love...In the City...City of Compton....California..." This is the song that comes up to my mind from Tupac whenever I hear about California. I (Sal) decided to do a website on this sunny state today (8/27/05) after a former housemate moved here....

He currently lives in Lemoore (Kings County), which is 10 miles from the town (Hanford) he first moved into. He first lived with his aunt, who is a security guard at the California State Prison-Corcoran in Corcoran. Currently he is attending Koinonia Christian Fellowship, which has over 1,000 church attendees every Sunday.

Another friend of mine lived in North Hills for a summer. He worked at CDX Communications (16211 Parthenia St.; North Hills CA 91343), which is a telephone service provider for the city.

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  • Sunny Fortuna
  • -Palo Alto

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  • L.A. Train Crash Leaves Passengers Dead, Injured Saturday, September 13, 2008 (

  • "LOS ANGELES — A Metrolink commuter train carrying 222 people collided head-on with a freight train Friday afternoon, killing at least 10 people, injuring dozens and leaving an unknown number of others trapped in a horrifically mangled passenger car imploded by its own locomotive.
    Firefighters put out a fire under part of the wreckage and pulled people from the passenger car which was left lying on its side with the Metrolink engine shoved back inside it. Two other cars in the Metrolink train remained upright. Firefighters worked to free victims more than four hours after the 4:23 p.m. wreck.
    The engine of the Union Pacific freight was left on its side, with the rest of its train accordioned behind it.
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told reporters at the scene that 10 people were confirmed dead and that the toll could go to 15. He said the number of injured was probably more than 100.
    "This is the worst accident I've ever seen," Villaraigosa said. "Clearly the injuries are going to mount and so are the fatalities."
    Police Lt. John Romero said the death toll was 10 to 20.
    Fire Chief Dennis Barry said the Metrolink locomotive was deeply embedded into the passenger car.
    "We have victims on top of victims," Barry said.
    One of the dead was a Los Angeles police officer, said Assistant Police Chief James McDonnell.
    Firefighters treated the injured at three triage areas near the wreck, and helicopters flew in and out of a nearby landing area on medical evacuation flights.
    Rescuers worked atop the wreckage and through breaches in the passenger car to reach victims. Dazed and injured passengers sat on the ground and milled about on both sides of the tracks.
    Surgeons were sent to the scene.
    Eleven victims were taken to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, including five in critical condition, said spokeswoman Patricia Aidem. The five men and six women range in age from 18 to 56.
    "We've had head injuries, chest injuries, abdominal. One man is going into surgery who has a broken leg," Aidem said. "It seems every five minutes another ambulance comes in."
    Dr. Stephanie Hall, chief medical officer at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, said three people in critical condition — two females and a male — were being treated at the hospital.
    "They are massive injuries," she said.
    A male passenger told KNBC-TV he boarded the Metrolink train in suburban Burbank and was talking with a fellow passenger when the crash occurred.
    "Within an instant I was in my friend's lap. It was so quick. It was devastating," he said. The man was visibly injured, but able to walk with the aid of firefighters. The man said he was involved in a devastating 2005 Metrolink crash in Glendale and was talking about it with the other passenger when Friday's crash occurred.
    The crash "made a terrible sound, like a bomb, a huge noise," said Julio Pedraza, 35, who lives and works at a nearby horse boarding facility. He said he saw passengers emerging from the wreckage, and he and others helped the injured, one with skin peeling off of his forehead.
    "They were yelling for help and crying," Pedraza said in Spanish.
    The trains collided in the Chatsworth area of the San Fernando Valley. County Sheriff Lee Baca said the alarm was sounded by a sheriff's deputy who was aboard the train but was not hurt.
    Metrolink spokeswoman Denise Tyrrell said there were 220 passengers aboard the passenger train along with one driver and one conductor.
    "I do not know what caused the wreck. Obviously two trains are not supposed to be on the same track at the same time," said Tyrrell who broke down crying and was shaking.
    Tyrrell said the Metrolink train left Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and was headed northwest to Moorpark in Ventura County.
    She said the Metrolink train was being pulled by its locomotive rather than being pushed. The push mode is controversial due to claims that it makes trains more vulnerable in accidents.
    The condition of the freight crew was not immediately known.
    Union Pacific spokeswoman Zoe Richmond said a freight train usually has a two-person crew.
    She also said it is common in California for freight and commuter trains to share the same track.
    "You see it a lot in California where commuter trains share tracks with freight trains," Richmond said, adding she couldn't speculate about the cause of the crash.
    The federal investigation into the crash will be headed by the National Transportation Safety Board, said Steven Kulm, a spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration. The FRA will conduct a review of whether any federal rail safety regulations were violated, he said.
    Asked about how the two trains ended up on the same track, Kulm said, "We are nowhere near having any information on that."
    The crash happened in an area where the tracks form a "U" shape, about 2,500 feet wide. At the top of the bend is a 500-foot long tunnel that runs beneath Stoney Point Park, popular with climbers for its large boulders.
    On the north side of the tunnel, there is a siding, a length of track where one train can wait for another to pass, Tyrrell said.
    The area where the crash occured, which is used by freight and commuter trains, has a reputation for trouble, said Najmedin Meshkati, an engineering professor at the University of Southern California.
    "That stretch of rail — an 18-mile stretch — has had a lot of crossing accidents, a lot of other accidents in the last 10 years," Meshkati said.
    The toppled passenger car was part of a Bombardier BiLevel coach, commonly used for regional railways from Seattle's commuter rail Sounder to New Jersey Transit. Each double-decker car is about 16 feet high and 10 feet wide and can seat up to 160 passengers, depending on its configuration.
    The worst disaster in Metrolink's history occurred on Jan. 26, 2005, in suburban Glendale when a man parked a gasoline-soaked SUV on railroad tracks. A Metrolink train struck the SUV and derailed, striking another Metrolink train traveling the other way, killing 11 people and injuring about 180 others. Juan Alvarez was convicted this year of murder for causing the crash."
    Engineer sent text 22 seconds before fatal train crash (Wednesday, October 1st of 2008) CNN
    "LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- A Metrolink engineer driving a commuter train sent a text message about 22 seconds before the train collided with a Union Pacific freight train last month, the National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday...
    The bill also limits the hours a week rail crews can work, and prohibits shifts longer than 12 hours, the AP said.
    On Wednesday, the NTSB said that Sanchez, 46, sent a text message at 4:22:01 p.m. on September 12, the NTSB said, citing information on his cell phone activity that the safety board subpoenaed from his service provider.
    The preliminary estimate of the time for the head-on collision is 4:22:23 p.m., NTSB said, citing Union Pacific train's onboard recorders.
    Sanchez last received a text message at 4:21:03 p.m., NTSB said. Don't Miss
    * Human error led to fatal train collision, spokeswoman says
    From 3:03 p.m. -- when Sanchez returned from a break that had lasted several hours -- until the collision, the engineer received seven text message and sent five, the NTSB said. The safety board did not identify with whom Sanchez was exchanging text messages.
    From 6:44 a.m. until 8:53 a.m. that day, when Sanchez was also in charge of a train, he received 21 text messages and sent two dozen, the NTSB said.
    "The Safety Board's Recorder Laboratory is continuing to correlate times recorded for use of the Metrolink engineer's cell phone, train recorder data, and signal system data to a common time base," NTSB said.
    After the incident, California Public Utilities Commission banned train operators from texting on the job...."


  • Azusa Street
  • Azusa Street Revival

    " The story of William J. Seymour and the beginnings of the Pentecostal Revival in Los Angeles in 1906 This is PHOS Film #3 from"
    Azusa Street Centennial (1906-2006)
    The Lasting Impact of the Azusa Street Revival By Paul Strand Washington Sr. Corresponden (CBN News)
    "...Parham took his beliefs about the Holy Spirit with him to Houston, Texas, where five years later he opened another Bible school. One of his most fervent followers there was a young black pastor, William Seymour.
    Because of the segregation laws of the time, though, Seymour could not actually sit in Parham's classroom, but had to listen out from the hallway, through the door that Parham left open for him.
    Even though he himself had yet to speak in tongues, Seymour, the one-eyed son of a former slave, became an ardent advocate for Parham's doctrines and moved to Los Angeles to take a preaching job.
    "Parham was essentially passing on the baton of the Pentecostal movement to Seymour, who then took it on to Los Angeles," Johnson said.
    But after just one sermon, in which Seymour preached about tongues and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, his new congregation -- mightily offended -- padlocked Seymour out of the church.
    Two black families took the cash-poor pastor into their homes until he could get enough money to return to Houston. But until then, they had him lead prayer meetings, most of them in a big house on Bonnie Brae Street...

    Pentecostal Movement Celebrates Humble Roots L.A.'s Azusa Street to Mark Centennial of Fast-Growing Religion Centered on Holy Spirit By Marshall Allen Religion News Service Saturday, April 15, 2006; Page B09
    " LOS ANGELES -- One hundred years ago, a series of boisterous revival meetings in a converted stable on Azusa Street launched a global movement that overcame differences in class, gender and race to unite around the belief that the Holy Spirit still works miracles....
    ...The congregation met in the round, with Seymour facilitating the interactive gathering from the center of the room. The meetings were in the style of the black church, with hand-clapping, foot-stomping and shouting. But, at the height of the Jim Crow era, they included blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians from the Los Angeles melting pot -- up to 1,300 people at a time."

    Story Behind the Revival, from
    "n the early morning of April 18, 1906, San Francisco residents were rudely awakened by the deadliest earthquake in North American history. A devastating fire, fed by ruptured gas lines, finished off what the earthquake, later estimated as 8.3 on the Richter scale, failed to destroy in its first deadly seconds. Some 700 people lay dead among the decimated 514 city blocks.
    Angry men and women blamed God and the unstable earth sitting atop the unpredictable San Andreas Fault. A gospel tract, rushed to the printer and widely circulated in the area, called the tragedy a judgment and a warning from the God some were cursing.
    That same morning, 400 miles south, the world took notice of another movement—one with aftershocks still spreading today. In a skeptical front-page story titled "Weird Babel of Tongues," a Los Angeles Times reporter attempted to describe what would soon be known as the Azusa Street Revival..."

    "...The group from Bonnie Brae Street eventually discovered an available building at 312 Azusa Street, which had originally been constructed as an African Methodist Episcopal Church in what was then a black ghetto part of town.[10] The rent was only $8.00 a month.[14] A newspaper referred to the downtown Los Angeles building as a “tumble down shack...."
    -Follow-up Report:
    Christians Sweep Up Calif. Firestorm Mess By Jeremy Reynalds Correspondent for ASSIST News Service (Sunday, November 4, 2007 )
    "SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (ANS) -- News about the widespread California wildfire have faded from the headlines, but Christian organizations and churches are still there helping clean up the destruction left by the fires.
    At one point up to a million people were estimated to have been evacuated.
    The Christian Post reported that Christian Reformed World Relief Committee�s Disaster Response Services (CRWRC-DRS) said it was holding a house-to-house needs assessment and reconstruction response among 1,800 homes and businesses that were destroyed. The church relief group is in contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Red Cross and other agencies to plan to assist homeowners.
    With church groups from other parts of the country ready to assist, we are coordinating possible follow-up work with evacuees to help assess their losses, their eligibility for aid, and their available resources,� the Christian Post reported CRWRC-DRS Director Bill Adams said.
    They plan to focus on the most vulnerable survivors � those without insurance, the elderly, handicapped, and those surviving below the poverty line.
    CRWRC-DRS also rebuilt homes in low-income neighborhoods in the East hills near San Diego after wildfires in 2003.
    According to the Christian Post, international Christian relief and development agency World Vision is also working among survivors. It is distributing household basics to area families including bottled water, face masks, bedding and blankets, clothing, personal hygiene products, diapers and baby food, ground coffee and cleaning supplies.
    World Vision will distribute the goods to local churches and community organizations who will in turn distribute them to evacuees.
    The Christian Post reported that corporations which have donated supplies to World Vision�s California fire effort include Cardinal Health, Cypress Medical, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, KIDS and others to amount to an estimated $2 million worth in product.
    It will take time for life to return to normal here,� said Jo Carcedo, World Vision's area director for Southern California.
    World Vision is especially concerned about families whose homes have been completely destroyed, who didn�t have insurance, who may have lost their jobs or who were already struggling financially,� the Christian Post reported Carcedo said.
    Carcedo added, �We�ll continue working closely with our church partners in affected communities to make sure these families receive the support they need to get back on their feet.�
    Saddleback Valley Community Church has also pitched in to help provide food, housing, comfort and counseling to victims.
    It's been a busy, busy week,� the Christian Post reported Saddleback senior pastor Rick Warren said on CNN's "Larry King Live" show. The 128-acre campus served as an evacuation center for refugees and as a �refreshment center� for about 500 firefighters.
    We have been housing animals, pets, feeding people,� noted Warren.
    The Christian Post reported the megachurch pastor said more than 600 people from his church's college ministry went into the hardest-hit areas of San Diego to pray, clean up and offered help.
    In total, there were 23 wildfires in Southern California which was blamed for at least 14 deaths, more than 508,000 scorched acres, and the destruction of over 1,600 homes. "

  • Glide

  • 1960s: Death and Rebirth
    In 1963, winds of change were blowing mightily through San Francisco. Nowhere were these forces of transformation more visible than at Glide Memorial Church. That year, a young African-American minister named Cecil Williams came to Glide determined to bring life back into the dying congregation. Cecil changed both the policies and practices of the conservative church, helping to create the Council on Religion and Homosexuality in 1964. In 1967, Cecil ordered the cross removed from the sanctuary, exhorting the congregation instead to celebrate life and living.
    "We must all be the cross," he explained. As the conservative members of the original congregation left, they were replaced by San Francisco's diverse communities of hippies, addicts, gays, the poor, and the marginalized. By 1968, the energetic, jazz-filled Celebrations were packed with people from all classes, hues, and lifestyles. That year, San Francisco State University erupted in protests over demands for ethnic studies and affirmative action. Cecil and the Glide community helped lead the demonstrations; the church became a home for political, as well as spiritual, change. Glide offered a safe space to groups ranging from the Hookers Convention to the American Indian Movement and the Black Panthers. In the midst of their political work, Glide never forgot the basic needs of the community. The meals program was launched in the 1960s, serving one free dinner a week to all comers. As a decade of clamoring change came to a close, Glide further added to the joyful noise: The world-renowned Glide Ensemble choir held its first rehearsals in 1969. And Janice Mirikitani, a noted poet and dancer, had also just been appointed Coordinator for Glide's programs. The church would never be the same again....
    2000s: Our Time is Now
    But there is still so much for Glide to do. Poverty, drug abuse, violence, and despair persist in San Francisco as they do across the country. By working to combat these problems, Glide serves as an oasis in a desert of hopelessness, marching to the edge where victories for social justice are won. Glide is a place where old, destructive ways of being are thrown out and new ones created. Where names are named and love is celebrated and a simple call goes out to all races, classes, genders, ages, and sexual orientations: It's recovery time. It's time to love unconditionally.
    Glide Memorial Church

    Related Sites:
    Glide Memorial Church
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "...Recently, the movie The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, depicted the real life rags-to-riches story of Chris Gardner and his son. Once homeless, they turned to Glide's services for support to help them get back on their feet. Cecil Williams and his wife Janice Mirikitani, the leaders of the church's services for over 40 years, can be seen briefly in the movie as can a number of homeless people employed as extras.[citation needed]...
    *see Social Issues: Needy, Poverty, Poor, etc...


    Way of the Master - Santa Monica Gang Members

    "Watch the principles of law to the proud, grace to the humble get put into practice as Kirk witnesses to hardened gang members at Santa Monica, Southern California."

    -Acts of Kindness

  • San Francisco Christians Work to Change Negative Perception of Christians By Jeremy Reynalds Correspondent for ASSIST News Service Sunday, November 2, 2008

  • "SAN FRANCISCO (ANS) -- Out to break the commonly-held notion that Christianity is about judging others, a group of San Francisco Christians braved the rain on Saturday to show tangible evidence of God’s love to the city's needy.
    In a story by Katherine Phan, the Christian Post reported that the part music-festival, part-outreach “I AM LOVE…360" event mobilized dozens of youth volunteers from local San Francisco Bay Area churches to Civic Center Plaza to show the love of God in a practical way by handing out free meals, blankets and prayers to the homeless and needy.
    “God's love is complete and worldwide. Christians should be the first to reach out to whomever, wherever,” Living Grace Fellowship pastor Rodgar McCalmon, who organized the event, told the Christian Post.
    “San Francisco is just a starting point. Hopefully, people see what this event is and go into other towns,” he added.
    Among believers, the Christian Post reported, the word “love” has become synonymous with Christianity. It is rare to hear a sermon in which the pastor fails to mention the love of Jesus and the love of God.
    However, that “love” is not being observed by many outside the church. The Christian Post reported that while many Christians say the most important thing in their faith is a relationship of love with God and their neighbors, non-Christians still hold negative perceptions of present-day Christianity. According to a 2007 Barna study, 80 percent of non-Christians view evangelical Christianity as judgmental and hypocritical. ..."


    Bayside Church Come Together Oct 7 2007

    "Here is a video of the 2007 Bayside Church Come Together at Arco Arena California approx 16,000+ people in attendance This event happens every two years, to rehab inner-city schools. Ray Johnston , Lincoln Brewster"

  • Greg Laurie hits a home run for Christ at Angel Stadium despite battle with illness Some 9,521 Make Professions of Faith During Three-Night Crusade at Angel Stadium of Anaheim as 32,959 Watch Event by Internet, Monday, August 6, 2007 By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries

  • "American pastor and evangelist, Greg Laurie, hit a �home run� for Christ during his annual �Southern California Harvest Crusade with Greg Laurie� that attracted some 102,000 people to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, representing more than 30 countries around the world....
    I was dizzy pretty much every night, but when I spoke, I did not feel it at all. In fact, preaching was the one time of relief. I thought about just staying at the pulpit till the next night!
    When I led people in prayer at the back of the stage each night, I was careful to not stand too close to the edge so I would not fall over!
    I was reminded of the Scripture where Paul wrote that God�s strength was made perfect in weakness, and that certainly was the case for me this weekend. I was totally dependent on the Lord each night to get up and do something I take for granted- preach....
    Laurie continued, �Jesus doesn�t see a crowd in this stadium. He sees you here tonight. Do you want to change your life? You can leave this place a different person if you give your heart to Christ.� Laurie concluded each night�s program with an invitation for those in attendance to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Over the course of the weekend, 9,521 people walked down to the field of Angel Stadium to make such a profession.
    Music lent support to the talks presented by Laurie each night at the Harvest Crusade, reinforcing the message of God�s love. From raucous hip-hop and rock from multi-platinum band P.O.D., to lively pop-infused music and dance steps from tobyMac, to an audience sing-a-long with the David Crowder Band, the Christian music represented at the crusade kept audiences on their feet. Other crusade musicians included Leeland, Crystal Lewis, Phil Wickham, and Dennis Agajanian."

  • Rick Warren’s ‘Sermon on the Mound’ at Angel Stadium, the Jonas Brothers, and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake- All part of an extraordinary day in Southern California By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries

  • " ANAHEIM, CA (ANS) -- It has been quite a day in Southern California today (Sunday, April 04, 2010), with Rick Warren preaching an Easter Message that he called “The Sermon on the Mound” at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, and the popular boy band, the Jonas Brothers, singing worship music to the delight of a large number of pre-teens and teens.
    Rick Warren preaching 'The Sermon on the Mound' Then shortly after the event was over, a massive 7.2 earthquake centered in Baja California, Mexico that was felt all over Southern California, rocking high rise buildings from San Diego to Los Angeles and also the famous baseball stadium, struck.
    I had left the press box, and when I got home I received an e-mail message from a media colleague who was still working there with and associate, who said, “We were in the press box, as the stadium swayed back and forth – incredible!”
    When I had first arrived at the stadium at around 8:00 AM on Sunday morning, there were already thousands in the huge parking lot holding breakfast tailgate parties. They didn’t want to miss a moment of the event which celebrated the time, exactly 30 years to the day when Saddleback Valley Community Church held its first public service with 205 people.
    People lining up to go into the Angel Stadium Then the gates opened and nearly 50,000 members and guests joined Rick Warren for two special Easter weekend services at Angel Stadium and video extension at two Saddleback Church campuses to launch the next “Decade of Destiny,” which will continue to extend the church’s influence across Southern California and beyond.
    “Last year was a tough year, as many people here got the hope kicked out of you, by the economy, or the loss of a job, a loved one or your health,” said Pastor Warren. “We look around and see broken hope everywhere – broken lives, broken marriages, broken dreams – where do we find the answers?
    “You can live a month without food, a day without water and seconds without air, but you can’t live two seconds without hope,” Pastor Warren continued. “Hope is what keeps your soul alive; it’s how you cope. Lots of you think hope is wishful thinking for the future, but you don’t need hope for the future. You need hope now – not because you’re going to die tonight but because you have to live tomorrow.”
    Pastor Warren recognized that many of those attending the service were currently feeling hopeless, with more than 10 percent of Orange County residents having lost their job last year and many others who lost loved ones, marriages, dreams – even their health.
    “We tend to be hopeless because we look for hope in all the wrong places,” said Pastor Warren. “We think that success, status, sex, salary or all these other things are going to make us happy or give us hope, and then we’re severely disappointed. I see a lot of people living with constant disappointment -- not just in the economy, the government, the weather or their job but in themselves -- because they find their dreams have not been all they wanted them to be. We’re made by God and we’re made for God. And until we understand that, life just isn’t going to make sense.”
    Warren shared the account of three biblical characters – all with very different reasons for feeling hopeless – whom Jesus knew well and with whom He spoke after his resurrection. Mary Magdalene had pain and grief from relationships; Thomas had doubt and fear from disbelief; and Simon Peter had guilt and shame from failure – all issues many still face today.
    “It’s never too late for a miracle; it’s never too late to start believing; and it’s never too late to start over,” Pastor Warren said. “Jesus sees and cares for you.”
    As he wrapped up his message, Pastor Warren used the baseball diamond to illustrate the parallels between the game and life. “Baseball is a game of numbers in which every player falls short of perfection – nobody bats a thousand. Similarly, in life, while we have all had a few hits or scored a few runs, we strike out a lot. Remember, God isn’t mad at you, He’s mad about you; whatever you’ve done, He doesn’t want to rub it in, He wants to rub it out.”
    Intermingled between Pastor Warren’s message points, Saddleback music minister Rick Muchow and 2010 Dove Award nominated New Artist of the Year Kari Jobe led the crowd in worship. Both services concluded with music and brief testimony from other special guests, including Latin Grammy-winning worship leader Marcos Witt on Saturday evening and Hollywood Records multi-platinum album-selling artists, Jonas Brothers, on Sunday morning.
    The Jonas Brothers carried on the theme of the event, beginning with “Hold On,” introduced by Joe Jonas as a song of hope. The group ended with “Gotta Find You,” a song co-written by Saddleback member Adam Watts. During the second song, “A Little Bit Longer,” Nick Jonas paused to share a personal testimony and challenge to those attending.
    “About four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes,” said Nick Jonas. “It happened quickly, but on my way to the hospital that night, I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t let it slow me down. And I asked myself the question, “Why me?” But I do believe there was a turning point when I realized, “Why not me?
    “Now I’ve been able to share my story and encourage other young people who are dealing with some of the same things. And I know we’re all going through some hard things in our lives but it’s how we persevere, how we get through those hard moments in our lives. I encourage you when those moments come to make that commitment I made and don’t let it slow you down.”
    Attendees at both services were encouraged to bring a bag of groceries with them to the stadium. More than 65,000 pounds of food – over three and one-half semi trailer-loads – were collected to serve the physical needs of individuals across Southern California through the Saddleback food pantry. A portion of the free-will offering will go towards Haiti relief, which was supplemented by text message donations from the stadium crowd and extended audiences participating via local and national radio broadcasts and Internet live stream.
    Audiences arriving early were also challenged to text their responses to Saddleback trivia questions related to ministry milestones, such as the number of church locations in the first 15 years, local outreach through the years and the PEACE Plan, posted on the stadium scoreboard. Associate pastor Tom Holladay encouraged everyone listening to tweet throughout the service.
    In addition, Don Dale, Saddleback’s first member was introduced, followed by video highlights of Pastor Warren’s first sermon outlining his original dream and vision for the church, which have since become a reality. Today, Saddleback Church is one of the five largest churches in America, with an average weekly attendance of 22,000.
    The church’s legacy membership became complete over the weekend when nearly 1,200 attended Saddleback’s Class 101. In addition, nearly 500 people were baptized at the main Lake Forest campus and the stadium, following services. For additional information about the Saddleback and its ministries, visit





  • Garden-Grove

  • *where my Aunt's sister lives
  • Tracy

  • "Tracy continued to grow as a railroad center. A new line through Los Banoswas the fastest and least expensive to Los Angeles. In March of 1894 railroad headquarters at Lathrop were moved to Tracy. All of the railroad equipment including engines and buildings were moved. Thus, Tracy's beginning is in fact the story of a railroad.
    Tracy was incorporated in 1910 and it grew rapidly after the first irrigation district was established in 1915. Although railroad operations began to decline in the 1950s, Tracy continued to prosper as an agricultural area. Today, the City seal reflects this history of railroads and agriculture. "

  • Tracy California Hotels, from

  • Tracy Hotels, from

  • Best Western Luxury Inn
    Extended Stay America Efficiency Studios Tracy, CA Hotel , $59 queen size
    "designed especially for longer stays with studios featuring fully-equipped kitchens and plenty of work space... amenities you won't find in a typical hotel room...
    *Mention promo code: HBC1004
    MICROTEL INN & SUITES 861 W. Clover Road Tracy, Ca 95376
    Single Bed: 74.49->69.99 Weekends
    Grand Theatre

    *see Bible

    Find a Church In Tracy California, from
    New Hope Community Church
    True Vine Christian International
    (Total Travel Estimates: 8 minutes / 3.57 miles , from
    "We are a spirit-filled, ethnically diverse, inter-denominational church experiencing the love and the life changing supernatural power of God."
    Victory Christian Church
    *referred by a friend (Eric B.) that knows someone (Janis) here
    Tracy Press
    Tracy, California Facts, Schools, Colleges, Weather, Zip Code, and ..., from
    "Tracy's largest event is its annual Dry Bean Festival. Originally held in early August when it began in 1987, the downtown event now takes place during the second weekend of September. The festival draws tens of thousands annually, earning the city the nickname of "Dry Bean Capital of the World"...
    Tracy, California From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Geography and environment
    ..Because of the historic use of DDT on area row crops, there are residual issues of soil contamination from this substance and related persistent chemicals.[1] There is a historic area chloroform groundwater plume associated with Georgia Pacific operations in the area. Faults considered active in the Tracy area are the Black Butte Fault, Midway Fault and Carnegie Corral Fault.[2] The San Joaquin Fault traverses the Tracy area and is a potential source of risk for seismic events.[3..
    Notable Tracyites
    MC Hammer - musician


  • Northern California - HIGHWAY 101 BUCKLES and LANDSLIDE - March 30, 2011, from

  • Updated: U.S. Highway 101 to be shut down for two weeks north of Garberville Times-Standard Posted: 03/30/2011 10:09:19 AM PDT
    Car Rental:
    *see Dollar Rent a Car Rental Coupon Codes - Promo, from , Dollar Rent A Car Coupons , from my,, SJC AP CONSOLIDATED FAC SAN JOSE, CA 95110-1231 Tel.: (408) 452-1100
    * Economy car rental Economy Chevy Aveo $ 45.74 USD / day $ 181.95 USD Total, Hyundai Accent or similar Economy, 2-4 Door, Automatic, Air 42.79 USD Weekend Day=>170.92
    Tracy, California, from
    Weather Tracy, California (95304) Conditions & Forecast,from

    Social Issues


  • California mass killer thought plan was over during April visit by deputies By Holly Yan, Steve Almasy and Sara Sidner, CNN updated 10:21 AM EDT, Sun May 25, 2014>
    "Santa Barbara, California (CNN) -- Elliot Rodger stood in the doorway, talking to sheriff's deputies who had come to check on his welfare, and worried that his plan to kill was over. Last month, officers visited Rodger, 22, who they say killed six people and himself Friday night, at his apartment in Isla Vista, California. ...
    The manifesto, titled "My Twisted World," was obtained by CNN affiliate KEYT. "It was apparent he was very mentally disturbed," Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said, referring to the contents of the autobiography. ...members are safe."

    Rampage continues

    Rodger then zoomed around town in a black BMW, stopping at a delicatessen where he shot and killed Christopher Martinez, another UC Santa Barbara student. Exactly why, no one knows for sure. Rodger got back in his car and the killing rampage continued. He dashed around town, reportedly driving down the wrong side of the road so he could fire out the driver's side window near the sidewalk. He shot at two people on the sidewalk, pulled a handgun on a woman and fired some more, Brown said. He encountered a sheriff's deputy who was on foot and exchanged gunfire. ....
    The manifesto In the manuscript of his life's story, he often mentioned feeling slighted or inferior, such as when he was denied entry on an amusement park ride at age 6 while other boys his age got to go on. "Being denied entry on a simple amusement park ride due to my height may seem like only a small injustice, but it was big for me at time," Rodger wrote. "Little did I know, this injustice was very small indeed compared to all the things I'll be denied in the future because of my height." He described his parents' divorce as a devastating, "life-changing event," but said he gained more respect for his father after he quickly acquired a girlfriend. "Males who can easily find female mates garner more respect from their fellow men, even children," Rodger wrote. "How ironic is it that my father, one of those men who could easily find a girlfriend, has a son who would struggle all his life to find a girlfriend." But the overarching theme of the manifesto focuses on his frustrations with women. "My orchestration of the Day of Retribution is my attempt to do everything, in my power, to destroy everything I cannot have," Rodger wrote. "All of those beautiful girls I've desired so much in my life, but can never have because they despise and loathe me, I will destroy. All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them. I will kill them all and make them suffer, just as they have made me suffer. It is only fair."

    *see Sociology

  • Oikos University Shooting: At Least 7 People Dead In Incident At Christian University In Oakland, Authorities Say By TERRY COLLINS 04/ 2/12 09:59 PM ET AP

  • "OAKLAND, Calif. — A 43-year-old former student of a small Christian university in California opened fire at the school Monday, killing at least seven people and setting off an intense, chaotic manhunt that ended with his capture at a nearby shopping center, authorities said. Police Chief Howard Jordan said One L. Goh surrendered about an hour after the shooting at Oikos University. Jordan said police recovered the weapon they believe he used during the rampage. "It's going to take us a few days to put the pieces together," Jordan said. "We do not have a motive." Police first received a 911 call at 10:33 a.m. reporting a woman on the ground bleeding. As more calls came in from the school, the first arriving officer found a victim suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound, he said. It was an "extremely chaotic scene," Jordan said. More officers arrived and formed a perimeter around the school on the belief that the suspect was still inside, he said. "Potential victims remained inside the building either trapped by a locked door which officers were unable to open," Jordan said. Others were unable to flee because they were injured, he said. Jordan said there were about 35 people in or near the building when gunfire broke out. Of the seven fatalities, five died at the scene and another two at the hospital. Three wounded victims are in stable condition, he said. "This unprecedented tragedy was shocking and senseless," Jordan said.
    ...Jerry Sung, the university's accountant, said the school offers courses in both Korean and English to less than 100 students. He said the campus consisted of one building. Sung said many of its students went on to work in nursing and ministry. "The founder felt there was a need for theology and nursing courses for Korean-Americans who were newer to the community," Sung said. "He felt they would feed more comfortable if they had Korean-American professors."



    Moneyball (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search
    " a 2011 biographical sports drama film directed by Bennett Miller and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film is based on Michael Lewis's 2003 book of the same name, an account of the Oakland Athletics baseball team's 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane's attempts to assemble a competitive team. In the film, Beane (Brad Pitt) and assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), faced with the franchise's unfavorable financial situation, take a sophisticated sabermetric approach towards scouting and analyzing players, acquiring "submarine" pitcher Chad Bradford (Casey Bond) and former catcher Scott Hatteberg (Chris Pratt), and winning 20 consecutive games, an American League record.
    Columbia Pictures bought the rights to Lewis's book in 2004.[4] After a number of years in development, the film was featured at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival[5] and was released on September 23, 2011 to a box-office success and positive reviews. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Actor and Best Picture on January 24, 2012.[..

    Moneyball Official Trailer 2011 Brad Pitt Movie HD

  • Billy Beane From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "...(born March 29, 1962) is a former American professional baseball player and current front office executive. He is the general manager (GM) and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball (MLB). Prior to his front office career, he played in MLB as an outfielder between 1984 and 1989 for the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, and Oakland Athletics. He joined the Athletics' front office as a scout in 1990, and was named GM after the 1997 season.
    A first round pick in the MLB draft by the Mets, Beane's playing career failed to meet the expectations of the scouts, who projected him as a star. In his front office career, Beane has applied statistical analysis to players, known as sabermetrics, which has led all teams to reconsider how they evaluate players. He is the subject of Michael Lewis' 2003 book on baseball economics, Moneyball, which was made into a 2011 film starring Brad Pitt as Beane. Pitt was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Beane. ..

    Beane (left) with Paul DePodesta (right) The Athletics reached the playoffs in four consecutive years from 2000 through 2003, losing in the American League Division Series each year. They won their first playoff series under Beane in 2006 when they swept the Minnesota Twins in the American League Division Series, but were subsequently swept by the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series. Other low payroll teams, such as the 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins and the 2008 American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays, have appeared in the World Series. ...
    Due to his team's success despite its low payroll, Beane was the subject of author Michael Lewis's 2003 best-selling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. The book discusses Beane's methods as the GM of the Athletics and how he, along with Harvard-educated statistician Paul DePodesta,[50] used sabermetric principles to run his team in a cost-effective way. According to the book, this allowed him to be successful despite his financial constraints. The book and Beane's methods have influenced the way many think about the game of baseball, including other teams and even players.[51] He was played by Brad Pitt in the 2011 film Moneyball, based on the book of the same name.[37] .....

    Miguel Tejada From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ".. 2002
    Tejada's breakout year came in 2002. With the departure of Jason Giambi to the New York Yankees during the offseason, and a leg injury to slugger Jermaine Dye, the A's lost two of their key offensive players. Tejada hit .308 with 34 homers and led the A's to their second Western Division title in three years. Their campaign included an American League record 20 game winning-streak. Tejada contributed one-out, game-winning hits in the 18th and 19th games of that run: a three-run homer off Minnesota Twins closer Eddie Guardado for a 7-5 victory and a bases-loaded single against Kansas City Royals reliever Jason Grimsley to break a 6-6 tie. Tejada also showed modest speed on the basepaths with 18 steals over a two-year stretch. His performance was rewarded with the 2002 American League MVP award. For the third straight year, though, the A's fell in the fifth game of the ALDS, this time to the Minnesota Twins....

    David Justice From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "...Oakland Athletics
    As a result of persistent groin injury, Justice saw his production slide considerably in 2001, and he was traded to the New York Mets on December 7, 2001 for 3B Robin Ventura.[1] Mets GM Steve Phillips then sent him to the Oakland Athletics on December 14 for LHP Mark Guthrie and RHP Tyler Yates. He played a final season on an Oakland team which reached the playoffs in 2002 and was named the American League Player of the Week for the first week of the season. His addition to Oakland was referred to as an 'experiment' by A's assistant GM Paul DePodesta.[2] The experiment was to evaluate whether hitters retained their ability to get on base as they got older (kept their batter's eye). His .376 OBP and BB/K ratio of greater than 1:1 seemed to prove that correct."

    Scott Allen Hatteberg
    " Positions: First Baseman and Catcher Bats: Left, Throws: Right Height: 6' 1", Weight: 192 lb. "

  • San Francisco Giants, official site

  • {2010}
    y-San Francisco 92 70 .568 -
    San Diego 90 72 .556 2.0
    Colorado 83 79 .512 9.0
    LA Dodgers 80 82 .494 12.0
    Arizona 65 97 .401 27.0
    y=Division Winner
    Streaks: W1
    Last 10: 7-3
    Home: 49-32
    Road: 43-38
    All Position Pitching Stats, 2010 Next Stats >>
    1. M Cain SF 13 11 3.14 33 33 4 2 0 0 223.1 181 84 78 22 4 61 177
    2. T Lincecum SF 16 10 3.43 33 33 1 1 0 0 212.1 194 84 81 18 5 76 231
    3. B Zito SF 9 14 4.15 34 33 1 0 0 0 199.1 184 97 92 20 7 84 150
    4. J Sanchez SF 13 9 3.07 34 33 0 0 0 0 193.1 142 74 66 21 9 96 205
    5. M Bumgarner SF 7 6 3.00 18 18 0 0 0 0 111.0 119 40 37 11 5 26 86

    All Position Hitting Stats, 2010 Next Stats >>
    1. A Huff SF 1B 157 569 100 165 35 5 26 86 288 83 91 7 0 .385 .506 .290
    2. P Sandoval SF 3B 152 563 61 151 34 3 13 63 230 47 81 3 2 .323 .409 .268
    3. C Ross SF OF 153 525 71 141 28 3 14 65 217 37 121 9 2 .322 .413 .269
    4. J Uribe SF SS 148 521 64 129 24 2 24 85 229 45 92 1 2 .310 .440 .248
    5. A Torres SF OF 139 507 84 136 43 8 16 63 243 56 128 26 7 .343 .479 .268
    6. F Sanchez SF 2B 111 431 55 126 22 1 7 47 171 32 68 3 1 .342 .397 .292
    7. B Posey SF C 108 406 58 124 23 2 18 67 205 30 55 0 2 .357 .505 .305
    8. A Rowand SF OF 105 331 42 76 12 2 11 34 125 16 74 5 3 .281 .378 .230
    9. P Burrell SF OF 96 289 41 77 16 0 18 51 147 47 77 0 2 .364 .509 .266
    10. E Renteria SF SS 72 243 26 67 11 2 3 22 91 21 43 3 0 .332 .374 .276

  • Giants win the Series! Giants win the Series! By Chris Haft / | 11/01/10 10:32 PM ET

  • "ARLINGTON -- Go ahead, say it. It's no longer mere fantasy or sheer folly to do so. A rare mix of veteran rejects and budding stars completed an unlikely ascent to the Major League summit Monday night, allowing all to repeat a five-word phrase never before heard:
    World Series champion San Francisco Giants. The Giants made franchise history with a 3-1 triumph over the Rangers in Game 5 of the World Series, ignoring their underdog status to capture the 106th Fall Classic, four games to one.
    An unlikely hero combined with a likely one to elevate San Francisco to new heights.
    Edgar Renteria, who's contemplating retirement after enduring a season in which he played a career-low 72 games, belted a seventh-inning home run to account for the Giants' scoring. Renteria hit .412 (7-for-17) with two home runs and six RBIs and was elected Most Valuable Player for the Series....

    MLB World Series Players Testify of God's Grace By Shawn Brown CBN News Sports Reporter Monday, November 01, 2010
    "..Nov 1, 2010 ... The San Francisco Giants are battling the Texas Rangers in this year's MLB ..
    Javier Lopez, SF Giants Relief Pitcher
    Javier Lopez, No. 49, said he's blessed to have a job that he can enjoy.
    Brian Wilson, SF Giantas Relief Pitcher
    Brian Wilson, No. 38, said he used to criticize Christianity before coming to know God.
    Jeremy Affeldt, SF Giants Pitcher
    Jeremy Affeldt, No. 41, proclaimed that God is "everything" to him. He explains how the Lord and has given him comfort and strength.

    Giants Fellowship Day pt 2 Brian Wilson

    "Brian Wilson talks about his arm-crossing thing, how he became a Christian, and more. It's a little choppy because my camera only allows videos of up to 3 minutes, low quality because my camera isn't that great, and shaky because my arms were getting tired. "
    *see Cancer-Cause, Prevention, Cure, Treatment, etc.. Outreach


    From Harvard to the NBA, Jeremy Lin's Long Road

    Now You Know: Jeremy Lin (Interview + DOUGIE!)

    "A couple of months ago, I could only see Jeremy Lin play and had the honor of doing a cover piece during Asian Heritage Night during the Golden State Warriors vs. Trailblazers game:"




  • Serve the People

  • ‘Serve the People’ plans modern-day miracle Non-profit group kicks off ‘Feed the 5,000’ food distribution campaign By Alex Murashko Special to ASSIST News Service Wednesday, November 17, 2010
    " SANTA ANA, CA (ANS) -- Serve the People, a non-profit group serving those struggling with hard financial times in Santa Ana and surrounding Orange County, California, is partnering with Chick-fil-A in Irvine, California, to kick off four-consecutive weekends of serving hot meals and distributing pantry food to those in need on Saturday, November 20, 2010.
    The meals and food distribution are part of a “Feed the 5,000” campaign to help people in need during the holiday season.
    Serve the People has been supplying food, medical, and recently legal help to individuals and families who cannot afford basic help in times of crisis. The ministry began as a vision to feed the hungry, poor, needy and homeless of Santa Ana.
    The founder, Dr. Dimitri Sirakoff, through experiences gathered as a volunteer in other ministries, brought together a small group of people to fulfill this vision. This small group consisted of members of a local Hispanic church, along with other community members, and now has grown to as many as a few hundred volunteers.
    After realizing the community's other needs, the group quickly added clothing, shoes, diapers, baby food, school supplies, toiletries and other small household products to its bi-monthly distributions. Serve the People works closely with the community to determine the other basic needs that are currently unavailable or unaffordable.
    The organization plans to add other services as needed.
    The food pantry distribution on Saturday, November 20, 2010, is from 8:30 to 11 a.m.
    Chick-fil-A will be serving meals from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
    The distribution will be at the Serve the People office parking lot located at 1206 E. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92701. Phone: (714) 352-2911. Its website can be found at: "




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  • " Find a San Diego Church using our directory of San Diego Churches
  • 2010 San Diego Church Guide – Highly Recommended Churches, from

  • The Rock
    2277 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106 619.226.ROCK (7625)


    Set Free San Diego


  • City of San Diego Official Website

  • " The City of San Diego's Official website offers information and online services for departments, business assistance, job opportunities, attractions, ...

  • San Diego Church Ministries

  • "...Network is developed to encourage unity among Spiritual Leaders throughout the San Diego Region. We assist leaders to equip their members for fruitful living and service
    Horizon's Online
    =>Women's Ministry
    "Contact: Alison Orias 858.277.4991 x1239
    YWAM San Diego/Baja The TAXI STORY

    -Natural Disaster FLOODS
  • Soggy southern California facing even more rain, forecasters say By Michael Martinez, CNN December 22, 2010 8:00 p.m. EST

  • "Los Angeles (CNN) -- Monsoon-like conditions overwhelmed southern California on Wednesday, creating flash floods that kept workers at home and businesses and streets knee deep in mud and water.
    The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning Wednesday afternoon for much of Los Angeles County and for several parts of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The Mojave Desert also was included in that warning.
    As many as 40 homes in the San Bernardino County community of Highland were damaged by mud and water after two small rivers in the foothill town overflowed, said Bill Peters, spokesman for the California Department of Forestry.
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in six counties Wednesday as the rainstorms continued for a fifth day and another powerful Pacific front moved in.
    Schwarzenegger warned of a forecast that calls for "extraordinary and continuing rainfall" that is likely to cause more flooding and landslides. His declaration authorizes state assistance for local authorities in Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties, all in southern California.
    "We're preparing for what we expect to be a very heavy, severe rainstorm," said Mike Kaspar with Los Angeles County Public Works. "... In the worst-case scenario, we could be looking at as much as 8 inches more of rain in the southern California area.".....
    "Thank God, the mud didn't through our home," said Cruz, who's also a CNN iReporter. "The hill beside us eroded with water, and it brought the water and the mud along with it."
    Snapshots of the deluge showed damage to roads and homes -- as well as youths making light of flooded streets. There were downed trees in Altadena, rescuers using canoes to reach stranded motorists in downtown Laguna Beach, and teenagers in wet suits sitting in lawn chairs asking motorists and a fire truck to splash them on a flooded Ocean Beach street.
    And, in almost a surreal moment dreamt up by a screenwriter, the sun briefly broke through the dark clouds late Wednesday, and the Hollywood sign and surrounding hills had a spectacular double rainbow appear over them.
    There was also an element of the macabre: Raging waters eroded part of a cemetery in Whittier, California, and the collapse of soil was close to some grave markers. The stark image was captured by a local television news helicopter, but it was unclear Wednesday whether graves were washed away.
    "Everyone in the area has been affected -- street closures, detours and inability to get to work. Fears are that if they go now, it will start raining again and then they will not get home," said Timothy Gillepsie, 39, a minister in the San Bernardino Valley. He's also a CNN iReporter.
    Ricky Hayner of Altadena had to hire crews with chain saws to remove the remnants of two downed trees in his backyard.
    "The constant barrage of rain has caused flooding on many of the highways and local streets. This was also the cause of the tree falling, the excess water loosening the roots," he said.
    It wasn't a good day for "the infrastructure," as one San Diego commuter put it.
    "The streets are flooded. Fences are completely knocked down. There are tree branches down. I saw a lot of that on my way to work," said Michelle Johnson, 37, a project manager in San Diego, who arrived to work 45 minutes late. "But I got here. It was really crazy."
    Kristiana Kocis, a Red Cross spokeswoman, reported that six people were in a shelter in a high school in San Luis Obispo and 15 more were in a shelter in Guadalupe.
    The five-day rain total has topped 10 inches in many areas, with heavier amounts in some places. Twin Peaks in San Bernardino County has received more than 21 inches, with Twin Creek getting nearly 20.
    Amtrak said on Wednesday it had suspended its Pacific Surfliner service between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano because of mudslides and flooding. "No alternate transportation is available," the company said in a statement. Pacific Surfliners were operating between San Luis Obispo and San Juan Capistrano via Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Amtrak said.
    In Orange County, authorities were on the scene of a mudslide that affected homes in the Silverado Canyon area, the county's Fire Authority said on Twitter. Rescues were needed, and evacuations were under way, according to the Fire Authority.
    In Los Angeles County, meanwhile, authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 230 homes in two neighborhoods out of fear of debris flows. Of the 232 homes ordered evacuated in the La Canada Flintridge and La Crescenta areas, however, only one family left, said Nicole Nishida, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
    In Kern County on Wednesday morning, crews braced for the next storm front and sandbagged areas prone to flooding, county fire department spokesman Sean Collins said. Several roads were impassable Wednesday due to flooding, he said.
    But in southwestern Utah, a dam that authorities had feared was in imminent danger of giving way to floodwaters was found to be in stronger condition than previously believed, said Marc Mortensen, a spokesman for Washington County.
    The roughly 800 residents of the towns of Virgin and Rockville were allowed to return to their homes Tuesday night, Mortensen said. Engineers will monitor the dam, located on the Virgin River, and conduct more tests on Wednesday, when high water flows are expected again, he said.
    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said Tuesday he was prepared to declare a state of emergency in the south, where floodwaters also washed out at least one bridge.
    Officials were keeping an eye on a bridge in the New Harmony Heights subdivision in New Harmony, Utah, said
    Brian Hyer, spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety. That subdivision has about 25 homes, he said.
    Flash flood watches also were in effect for western Arizona through Wednesday night.
    In Mohave County, Arizona, the Development Services Department Operations Center was monitoring flooding along the Beaver Dam Wash and Virgin River in the Littlefield area on Wednesday.
    Mohave Emergency Management official Daryle Purcell reported at least six homes are confirmed destroyed in that area, with four or five threatened. Jail inmates are being put to work sandbagging, he said.
    The county was enforcing an evacuation of the area, but not everyone was complying, officials said.
    "We have reports that some people haven't evacuated," Emergency Management Coordinator Byron Steward said. "We cannot force them to leave, but it certainly is in their best interest."
    "Damage estimates right now are 10 homes in the Beaver Dam Resort have been damaged with at least four homes destroyed," Development Services Director Nick Hont said. "We have reports that we may lose three or more of those damaged homes in that development."
    The series of storms originating in the Pacific are known as the "Pineapple Express" because of their origin near the Hawaiian Islands. They have brought heavy snow to the higher elevations, with torrential rainfall in lower spots and high winds.
    High winds have also whipped much of the state this week, particularly at high elevations. Peak wind gusts reached 152 mph in Alpine Meadows summit in northern California, the weather service reported.
    CNN's Jessica Jordan, Kara Devlin, Chuck Conder, Daphne Sashin, Christina Zdanowicz and Rachel Rodriguez contributed to this report."

  •">Father Joe's Villages provides essential needs to the homeless and ...

  • " Father Joe's Villages, a registered trademark of S.V.D.P. Management, Inc., 3350 E Street, San Diego, CA 92102-3332 — 619.446.2100.
  • The Salvation Army International (map)

  • -Radio
  • KPRZ-AM - San Diego, CA - Life Changing Christian Radio broadcasts ..., 1210 AM

  • " SAN DIEGO NIGHTS WITH NOAH DINGLEY. Weekdays 8pm – Midnight. KPRZ MINISTRIES & PARTNERS. FEATURED MINISTRY. Family Life Today Presents Weekend to Remember.
  • San Diego Vacation, Travel, Tourism – Hotels, Restaurants, Events

  • San Diego



    Is California Ready for the next Big EarthQuake?

    "Are you prepared for an EarthQuake? (Video produced by the USGS)"
    California ban on same-sex marriage struck down, updated 5:04 a.m. EDT, Fri May 16, 2008 (
    "..In a 4-3 120-page ruling issue, the justices wrote that "responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual's sexual orientation."..
    *see Homosexuality-Sodom &Gomorrah ("Get off the, 7th Day,

    The Great San Francisco EarthQuake of 1989

    "A film produced by the USGS with our tax dollars."


  • Welcome to California, official state gov't site
  • City of San Bruno



  • Hollywood Christmas Parade
    Celebrities at The Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009 Julie Berman, Kayla Ewell

    The 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade/Live Positively Presented by Coca-Cola Declared A Success, from
    ""Proceeds from the telecasts of the parade will benefit this year's official charity, Feed The Children, a nonprofit relief organization which delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disasters. We are happy to do our part to help those in need."
    *see Social Issues: Needy, Poverty, Poor, etc...
    Susan Lucci
    "... Ventures To Kenya, Africa... click on news for more details... go to photo gallery to view personal photos taken from this extraordinary journey...."
    *see Kenyan of Kenya Outreach


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  • Map of California and the surrounding region
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    -Pop Rock

  • Hawk Nelson, myspace site

  • *saw them in concert in Ashby, Minnesota around 2005??
    Hawk Nelson - California

    " music video by hawk nelson"
    Our Heart's Hero - Open the eyes of my heart (live)

    "Live in California Christian Rock "
    Rise - Sing a Song for Jesus

    "This is my favorite Rise song. This is a group out of California that is totally on fire for God."

    Natural Disasters

  • FIRES have raged across California for a fourth day as investigators begin sifting through the smouldering aftermath of infernos that have destroyed more than 800 homes and forced thousands to flee. , By Rob Woollard in Los Angeles | November 17, 2008 (

  • "About 800 homes, ranging from multimillion-dollar mansions to modest mobile homes, have been razed by wind-whipped fires that have erupted through the region since last Thursday.
    At least 50,000 evacuation orders have been issued and nearly 8900ha have been destroyed in the blazes, which have stretched from Santa Barbara to southeast of Los Angeles. ..

  • Lightning sparks 800-plus fires in California By MARCUS WOHLSEN, Associated Press Writer 40 minutes ago ( Monday, June 23rd of 2008

  • " SAN FRANCISCO - Firefighters from neighboring states arrived to help Monday after an "unprecedented" lightning storm sparked more than 800 wildfires, from Big Sur to wine country to Humboldt County.
    Thousands of firefighters battled the blazes on the ground and from the air and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was alarmed by the number of fires that kept erupting.
    He said he was told late Sunday evening that the state had 520 fires, and he found it "quite shocking" that by morning the number had risen above 700.
    Moments later, a top state fire official standing at Schwarzenegger's side offered a grim update: The figure was actually 842 fires, said Del Walters, assistant regional chief of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. All but a couple were in the northern part of the state.
    "This is an unprecedented lightning storm in California, that it lasted as long as it did, 5,000 to 6,000 lightning strikes," Walters said. "We are finding fires all the time."
    The assistance, mostly firefighting aircraft, arrived Monday from Nevada and Oregon after being requested over the weekend. Schwarzenegger said he had enlisted the help "because you can never prepare for 500 or 700 or 800 fires all at the same time."
    Part of the reason for the swelling number of wildfires was that local and state officials were still counting after the fierce thunderstorm Friday night that touched off the blazes.
    "We didn't get real lucky with this lighting storm," Walters said. "It wasn't predicted — which often happens with these storms that come in off the Pacific, there's no history of the weather as it approaches the shore — and so we got hammered."
    In Mendocino County alone there were 110 fires, with just 17 contained.
    Two of the biggest fires had each charred nearly 6 square miles.
    One started in Napa County and quickly moved into Solano County, and threatened about 250 homes about 40 miles southwest of Sacramento, said Kevin Colburn, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It was 60 percent contained Monday.
    The other was in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, about 160 miles north of Sacramento, and threatened about 1,200 homes. The largest of the fires threatened about 1,200 homes, and several youth camps and forced evacuations. The governor declared a state of emergency in Monterey and Trinity Counties on Monday.
    Along the coast in the Los Padres National Forest, a 2,000-acre wildfire burning south of Big Sur since Saturday forced the evacuations of 75 homes and businesses, destroyed one house and threatened hundreds of others.
    It also led to an emergency airlift Sunday of eight endangered California condors. U.S. Coast Guard helicopters transported the seven juveniles and one adult bird from a wildlife center to the Monterey Airport.
    A second fire in the Los Padres burned more than 57,000 acres and has injured nine firefighters.
    Two blazes about 25 miles south of San Jose had forced hundreds of residents to flee over the weekend, but most were being allowed to return Monday. One fire was 90 percent contained and the other 50 percent.
    In southern Arizona, two new human-caused wildfires were burning Monday but not threatening homes. A 700-acre fire in the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson was fully contained. Lightning sparked that fire."

    Malibu and Southern California Wildfires 10/21/07

    "On the morning of October 21, 2007 a series of wildfires broke out in Southern California and quickly spread which led to the evacuations of Pepperdine University's campus in Malibu and several hundred homes in the area. The fires are being further fueled and spread by the Santa Ana Winds which have been gusting up to 80 mph."

  • California fire survivors give thanks, By CHELSEA J. CARTER, Associated Press Writer ( Sunday, October 28th of 2007

  • "...25 members of the Community Presbyterian Church had to piece together their own worship service because their interim pastor couldn't get a resident's card, the crucial piece of identification needed to drive past roadblocks.
    A sign outside the church said, "Life is Fragile; Handle with Prayer."
    Members hugged and rejoiced over the congregation's fortune: The fire had spared all local members' homes, a woman had given birth to a healthy boy while evacuated, and power had stayed on for those who disobeyed the order to leave town.
    "Praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; we have lucked out much more than we deserve," said Bill Lange, a scientist who led the service. "Dear Lord, thank you for sparing us again and thank you for helping all the people who needed the help."
    As the organist started playing "Here I Am, Lord," several women wiped tears from under their glasses.... "

  • Raging Calif. wildfires make 500K flee, By GILLIAN FLACCUS, Associated Press Write ( Tuesday, October 23rd of 2007

  • "SAN DIEGO - Faced with unrelenting winds whipping wildfires into a frenzy across Southern California, firefighters conceded defeat on many fronts Tuesday to an unstoppable force that has chased more than 500,000 people away...."
  • World Vision responding to California wildfires Posted: 26 October, 2007 (Mission Network News)

  • " USA (MNN) ― For the first time in a week, firefighters in Southern California seem to be getting the upper hand in fighting the wildfires. The fires scorched 500,000 drought-stricken acres and displaced close to a million people.
    It's the largest mass migration in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina and more than were evacuated during the 2003 San Diego wildfires--previously considered California's worst. Property damage has reached at least $1 billion in San Diego County alone, and President Bush signed a major disaster declaration for California.
    Many of the displaced are in a state of shock. Although the region boasts expensive real estate, there's a large segment of the population who will find it nearly impossible to recover from the fires.
    "Churches always serve as a first response for people to turn to in times of crisis," says World Vision's Jo Carcedo (carSAYdo). She says they're partnering with their church network to help those left destitute by the fires.
    "We have personal care items, hygiene, diapers, things that people need most immediately in crises like this where frequently they have to vacate their homes. We're working through our networks to bring those resources as they may be needed."
    The initial shipment also included tents, cooking sets, a water purification system, bottled water, face mask filters and clothing. Their team is also assessing the further needs of vulnerable, low-income populations who might not have ready-access to insurance or other resources.
    It's times like these when the spiritual needs become evident, too. "One of the things that World Vision does particularly well is engage people in a way that's supportive of the crises and some of the concerns that they have. We also walk with them on their journey, as many of them might be reaching out to God, perhaps for the first time."
    Pray that the fires in Southern California will cease. Pray also for those affected by the fires, including families driven from their homes, those who may face loss of livelihood, children, the elderly, and others vulnerable to respiratory problems because of poor air quality. Click here if you can help.

    World Vision Phone: 1.888.56.CHILD URL: PO Box 9716, Dept W Federal Way, WA 98063-9716 This Story in Audio 1min 2min 4.5min How Can You Help?

    Fire Storm

    "After seeing all the media coverage, on the Fires in California, I thought to myself, Dear GOD please protect those brave fighters, while they do battle with fire and brimstone, so I made this video, so those who watch or read can all together pray as one... GOD BLESS.."


    *referred by P.O.D. on Sunday, October 28th of 2007

    -State (Minnesota):
    MN Woman To Fight Emotional Battle In Calif. Fire, from" ...Chapters in Minnesota have sent nearly 60 volunteers to California, for the emergency response work because of the others deal with the psychological side of the fires. She'll talk with other volunteers who are under...", Oct. 27, 2007, 7:00 p.m. CT
    Minn. Firefighters Headed To Calif. To Help, Oct 26, 2007 6:28 pm US/Central
    "Friday morning, a strike team composed of 15 firefighters and five fire trucks left for Los Angeles from Cambridge, Minn..."



  • Hume Lake Christian Camps

  • Hume Lake Summer Camp '08

    Hume Maps
    Total Travel Estimates: 3 hours 41 minutes / 191.52 miles , from


  • Half Moon Bay SB State Beach

  • (Map) Experience Half Moon Bay

    "A taste of the Half Moon Bay experience"

    Performing Arts

    Mimeistry: at a glance

  • Mimeistry

  • "Mimeistry is an international arts organization that seeks to restore the arts to the Church in excellence through performance, discipleship and missions. Mimeistry has a full time School of Ministering Arts located in Pasadena, California offering degrees in %&#xoc;iates and/or Bachelor's in Ministering Arts"

    Social Issues


  • Drug and alcohol rehab in California
  • -Racism

  • Los Angeles riots of 1992-from Wikipedia

  • "The Los Angeles riots of 1992, also known as the Rodney King uprising or the Rodney King riots, were sparked on April 29, 1992 when a jury acquitted four police officers accused in the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King following a high-speed pursuit. Thousands of people in the Los Angeles area rioted over the six days following the verdict. Widespread looting, assault, arson, and murder occurred, and property damages totaled one billion dollars. Many of the crimes were gang-motivated or perpetrated. In all, 53 people died during the riots....
    What started the L.A. riots in 1992

    "Los Angeles, CA - In an unexpected climax to a year of racial strife surrounding the alleged L.A.P.D. beating of Rodney King, a jury of six men and six women found the officers not guilty. The jurors were unable to reach a conclusion regarding one charge against Officer Laurence Powell, age 29, for using excessive force under the color of authority. A mistrial was declared by Judge Stanley Weisberg on that one count, with eight jurors voting for acquittal and four for a guilty verdict.
    Sgt. Stacey Koon, Officer Theodore Briseno, and Officer Timothy Wind were found completely not quilty on all counts of official misconduct, excessive force, filing false police reports, and assault with a deadly weapon. District Attorney Ira Reiner said that no decision had been reached in regard to whether or not to retry Officer Powell on the one count that was declared indecisive.
    An eighty-one second video tape, captured by a concerned citizen, sparked the controversy regarding police brutality and led to eventual indictments of the officers. Many months of investigation, charges, and counter-charges followed the release of the video tape. Various segments of the community in Los Angeles were polarized as the details of the played out daily on local television stations.
    A trial ensued. It was moved to suburban Simi Valley, CA, due to pre-trial publicity and the seemingly premature release of the now "infamous" tape of the police wielding batons and striking King repeatedly. A jury was chosen that contained eleven white jurors and one of Philipino descent. Black civil rights activists complained that no blacks were chosen for the jury and that the choice of jurors was another example of racism. The trial and surrounding investigations also sparked unprecedented criticism of Police Chief Daryl Gates and the entire Los Angeles Police Department. The Christopher Commission was formed and did find occasions of racism and institutional brutality. Police officers in Los Angeles were also found to have used official computer systems for insensitive and racist remarks. Calls were received for the resignation of the Chief Gates.
    Lawyers for the officers charged in the allegations argued that the policemen believed that King was acting under the influence of the animal tranquilizer PCP, which often causes violent and unpredictable behavior that has resulted in the injury of numerous emergency responders and law enforcement officers. They also testified as to King's combativeness that didn't appear on the tape. King was not found to have been using PCP, but was found to have a blood alcohol level of.19, which is more than double that allowed in most states as indicative of "drunken driving". The evidence was weighed and the jury found the four officer not quilty after seven days of deliberations.
    A reaction to the acquittal of the four officers was immediately received from blacks and civilrights activists. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, said; "We must express our profound anger and outrage (at the acquittal), but we also must not endanger the reforms that we have made by striking out blindly". He continued, "We must demand that the L.A.P.D. fire the officers who beat Rodney King and take them off the streets once and for all".
    California State Senator Ed Smith said that he was also shocked. Smith was quoted by the United Press as saying, "It's hard to beleive that there was no sustaining of the charges at all...the world saw the videotape and if that conduct is sanctioned by law in California, then we have to re-write the law". Exec. Director Ramona Ripston of the American Civil Liberties Union called the verdicts "a travesty of justice". "

  • Watts Riots-Wikipedia

  • "The term Watts Riots refers to a large-scale race riot which lasted six days in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in August 1965. By the time the riot subsided, 34 people had been killed, 1,032 injured, and 3,952 arrested. It would stand as the worst riot in Los Angeles history until eclipsed by the Los Angeles riots of 1992..."
    Watts Riots Remembered By Jessica Gresko August 06, 2005 in print edition B-3
    "..California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally brought a brick Friday to a gathering just steps away from where the Watts riots began nearly 40 years ago.
    Back then, Dymally, who has represented the area since 1962, arrived on the second day of the riots and was handed the brick by a teenager and told to throw it if he was “with the people,” he said.
    “What did I do with it? I will never tell,” he said.
    The brick was thrown, he acknowledged Friday, but not by him.
    Dymally was one of about a dozen people – including riot participants, eyewitnesses, current residents and community activists – who held a news conference Friday adjacent to where the Watts riots began Aug. 11, 1965.
    That was the day white California Highway Patrol motorcycle Officer Lee Minikus pulled over 21-year-old Marquette Frye, who was black, at Avalon Boulevard and 116th Street on suspicion of drunk driving. They scuffled and a large crowd gathered.
    The ensuing confrontation between police and residents expanded into six days of rioting that resulted in 34 deaths, more than 1,000 injuries and $40 million in property damage.
    Friday’s event was part of a series planned in commemoration of the riots...."

    -Sexual Abuse
  • Kidnap suspect: Mind control helped stop my sexual urges, (Monday, August 31st of 2009) By Mallory Simon CNN

  • ".. He wrote that he became free and able to experience sexual enjoyment for the first time with his wife, though it was unclear whether he was referring to Nancy, his legal wife, or to Dugard, the mother of two of his children.
    He claimed he realized how wrong he had been in the past...

    Garrido victim: 'He had me for 8 hours. He had her for 18 years', (Monday, August 31st of 2009)
    "She has thought about him every day since November 22, 1976 when he asked her for a ride at a supermarket in California, before handcuffing her, binding her and taking her to a mini-warehouse in Reno, Nevada, where he raped her..."


    Looking Unto Jesus

    "Looking Unto Jesus is a 30 minute broadcast on KTLN68 every Wednesday evening at 830 pm. Rev. Ed Stewarts powerful messages from God are televised throughout the Bay Area and Northern California in hope that it will transform the lives of those in our community. Looking Unto Jesus is also aired on San Franciscos public access channel 29 check your local listings!


    *see Flights

  • Modesto City–County Airport (MOD) 1010 10th Street, Modesto, CA 95354 • P.O. Box 642, Modesto, CA 95353 • (209) 577-5200

  • *see Total Travel Estimates: Time: 33 minutes Distance: 30.96 miles
  • Oakland International 1 Airport Drive Oakland, CA 94621 (510) 563-3300

  • *see (Total Travel Estimates: Time: 51 minutes Distance: 46.16 miles)
  • Sacramento International Airport (SMF), 6900 Airport Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95837

  • *see Total Travel Estimates: Time: 1 hour 7 minutes Distance: 66.83 miles
  • San Francisco International Airport PO Box 8097 San Francisco, CA 94128-8097 Telephone: 800.435.9736 or 650.821.8211

  • *see mapquest (Total Travel Estimates: Time: 1 hour 11 minutes Distance: 65.46 miles )
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), 1661 Airport Blvd. | San Jose, CA 95110 | 408.277.4SKY

  • *see mapquest (Total Travel Estimates: Time: 1 hour 6 minutes Distance: 58.48 miles)
    Car Rental: SJC AP CONSOLIDATED FAC SAN JOSE, CA 95110-1231 Tel.: (408) 452-1100
    * Economy car rental Economy Chevy Aveo $ 45.74 USD / day $ 181.95 USD Total, Hyundai Accent or similar Economy, 2-4 Door, Automatic, Air 42.79 USD Weekend Day=>170.92
    $558.74 $421 w/Dollar Rent A Car - Economy Car $104.54=>Dollar Rent A Car - Economy Car $104.54
    * Total: $554.08



  • Visit California

  • -Natural Attractions
  • Climbing Mt. Whitney, from

  • Mt Whitney 360° Summit View

    "Mt.Whitney (Elevation 4421m/14505ft), Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sequoia National Park & John Muir Wilderness, California, USA.
    The highest summit in the contiguous USA. August 2nd, 2008. 1PM.
    Mount Whitney
    Prominence 10,075 feet (3,071 m) "

    Mt. Whitney Summit, Base Camp, and a Marmot, from
    "Here's a taste of some things you can see if you summit Mt. Whitney. "
    Mount Whitney From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    " the highest summit in the contiguous United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet (4,421 m).[1] It is located at the boundary between California's Inyo and Tulare counties, just 76 miles (122 km) west of the lowest point in North America at Badwater in Death Valley National Park (282 feet (86 m) below sea level). The western slope of the mountain lies within Sequoia National Park and the summit is the southern terminus of the John Muir Trail which runs 211.9 miles (341.0 km) from Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley..."
    -Physical Attractions
  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • Golden Gate Bridge Visit

    "My mom, sis, and brother went on a "hip-hop" (car radio music) tour of the famous "Golden Gate Bridge". Our relatives took them a tour of some popluar sites of this bay "town""
  • Hollywood Sign

  • HOLLYWOOD SIGN Secrets Revealed really UP CLOSE & PERSONAL!

    "Sign is a lot longer than a football field! KABC7 Los Angeles feature reporter George Pennachio takes us on a tour of the famous Hollywood sign.
    In his secrets revealed report you will learn that this is a well protected landmark complete with night vision cameras and high powered microphones.
    It was also noted that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner helped in saving the sign from being torn down for good. His restoration drive set up an organization that now protects the sign as a historic landmark.
    Vintage video shows the original Hollywoodland sign before it was shortened...

    101 Ways to Change the World
    "We believe every single person has the power to make a tremendous difference in our world. Too often we're just not sure what to do, how to help, or how or where to get started. These 101 ideas will propel you to get started, and then guide you as you move forward. No matter where you live; how much money you make (or don't make); whether you are healthy or sick; whether you are young or old; whether you are busy or have a lot of free time - YOU can make a difference! Take a minute and watch our exclusive flash movie. THANKS! You'll never be the same!"

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